Top 10 Best Universities in Nigeria in 2015


Top 10 best universities in Nigeria

The top 10 best universities in Nigeria are mind blowing, don’t be mesmerized if your school is not on this list.Sincerely speaking, if you have an idea of what you want to do with your life
then it is necessary for you to choose the top best university in Nigeria where
you can fully develop yourself in your chosen field of endeavor. In this
article, we would investigate the Top 10 best universities in Nigeria according
to the intensity of training that you will receive in diverse disciplines of

What Makes a University Good?

For a university to be part of the  best universities
in Nigeria, it has to posses certain characteristics. A university cannot be
said to be good because of its high tuitions, beautiful environment or its
location. A university’s quality is measured based on the basis of a less
conspicuous factors. Among these factors are:
Lecturers’ Quality:
Needless to say that since a
university’s primary purpose is to impact knowledge into students; the
qualities of lecturers found in the university will determine the quality of the
learning-teaching process. We will use this as a major factor in our list of
top best universities in Nigeria.
A university’s quality is a direct function
of quality of graduates the university produces. In our efforts to compile a
list of the top best universities in Nigeria, this factor will play a very
critical role.
Educational Standards:
By educational standards, we mean the
university’s entry requirements, the grading system etc. some universities
consider 40% score a pass while others consider only 45% as a pass.
Other criteria that we will use in compiling our list will be
the university’s previous standing and latest reforms.

The Top 10 Best Universities in Nigeria

Using the factors that we have discussed, here is a countdown
of the Top 10 best Universities in Nigeria:
The Federal University of Technology,
Minna prides itself as a “specialized University committed to the training of
skilled and innovative work-force that would transform Nigeria’s natural
resources into goods and services to positively affect the economy and thus the
quality of life of her people”.
As part of the
reason why the university makes this list is the availability of numerous
innovative and creative solutions by students of this university. Amongst this
solutions are Irrigation models Rice de-stoning Maize sheller machine Motor-car
crankshaft, Gearing system for crane hoist drives amongst others.
The lecturers of this university
have also been on the forefront of the research community in Nigeria. One
Professor S.A. Garba of the Department of Microbiology led a team of
researchers in the development and production of typhoid fever vaccines which
was tested on animals and pigs with amazing results.
According to their site, the University of Agriculture,
Abeokuta’s mission is simply to “build great future leaders and generate
knowledge through research and intellectually stimulating environment for
teaching, learning and community outreach towards sustainable development”. One
of the most impressive achievements of this university is its role in the
Research Network on Giant African Land Snails and its contributions to the CONFAB
food security deliberations.
8.          University of Ilorin:
The University of Ilorin is
located in the confluence state. If not for anything, the University of Illorin
is one of the few universities that is constantly expanding, renovating and
improving their structures, administrative mechanism, libraries and even
lecturers. Yes! They are constantly refurbishing lecturers too! The University of
Illorin leaves no stone untouched in its bid to deliver quality education in a
highly disciplined and conservative environment. Surely, University of Illorin
deserves a spot in the list of the top 10 best universities in Nigeria.
7.           University of Benin:
Who loves BasketMouth and jokes?? That is right, everybody!
As such everybody admires University of Benin; period! That is a childish
judgment I know but this university which is stylishly called UNIBEN boasts of
a diverse faculties and programmes for both undergraduate and post graduate
studies. It has a number of innovations and research studies under its belt
that the federal government deemed it right to locate an Intellectual
Property and Technology Transfer Offices (IPTTOs) there. That is how cool UNIBEN is!
6.           Ahmadu Bello University:
The revered Ahamadu Bello University is one of the best
universities in the country. ABU is said to be the largest and the most
extensive of universities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The university which produced
the genius cunning mind of His Excellency Atiku Abu-Bakr is also responsible
for grooming the love affair of Tura’i and Umaru Yar’adua who later became the
First lady and President of Nigeria respectively. Less I forget, the former
central bank governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is a product of this university.
Ahmadu bello University has a very conducive environment for learning and it
intends to advance the frontiers of learning and break new grounds, through
teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge of the highest quality. No
wonder it has single-handedly affected Northern development and civilization
more than any other institution.
Ever wondered why it is called the University of Nigeria?
That is because it is the first full-fledged indigenous and first
autonomous university in Nigeria. Established by law in 1955, the university
modeled upon the American educational system. It is a complete university with
a widest variety of courses in its 102 academic departments. Beautiful
surrounding, high standards and numerous patented innovations grant this
university a spot on our top 10 list.
4.         Universityof Ibadan:
Located in the heart of the largest city in Africa, the
University of Ibadan’s vision is simply “To be a world-class institution
for academic excellence geared towards meeting societal needs”. As one of the
oldest universities in Nigeria, the university has a vast number of innovative
human resources to its credit. The world renowned Dr. William Kumuyi of Deeper
Life bible church and Governor Fayose of Ekiti state are notable Alma matters
of this great university.
This university gets the fourth
position despite its high quality lecture’s and standards of education
delivered because as the oldest university in the country, it should have been
more than what it is now.
3.      Covenant University:
What do you expect from a school that was founded and run by
a spirit-filled educationists?
That is right. The covenant university is one of a kind
considering how it has risen through the echelon and now sits with universities
that are old enough to ‘grand-parent’ it. The expertise of Prof. Charles
Ayo coupled with the strict
Christian values of Dr. David Oyedepo has helped pushed this school to levels that are simply
amazing. In fact, latest web metrics rate the university higher that the next
two in terms of educational standards but since it hasn’t produced enough human
capital that can enable us understand the level of innovations and creativity
students pick up from studying there, we will keep it at the number three
2.      University of Lagos:
‘Eko ni baje’ also the University of Lagos ‘ni baje’.
Established in 1962, the University of Lagos still maintains a very high
standard of education. Referring to itself as a “conducive teaching,
learning, research and development environment, where staff and students
interact and compete effectively with other counterparts, both nationally and
internationally in terms of intellectual competence and the zeal”, the University
of Lagos remains one of the most competitive in the country in terms of
admissions and is now acclaimed as “the University of First Choice and the
Nation’s Pride”. 
In terms of quality of human
capital, UNILAG has churned out more genius minds than one can possibly recount
in a blog post. Governors, Misnisters, Writers, Actors, Rappers, Models, and
even Armed-Robbers have been groomed in this University. My favorite is that the
Excellencies governors Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, current Gombe state governor
and Akinwunmi Ambode are both Alma matters of this great school. UNILAG is
unbeatable, except for our number one school.
And the Winner is…
1    Obafemi Awolowo University:
The Obafemi Awolowo University is one
of the universities in Nigeria that doesn’t need any introduction, partly
because it has been around for years and partly because of the number of
notable persons that graduated from this school. With a vision to become a
top rated university in Africa, the OAU has always concerned itself with the
creation of a “conducive teaching and learning community for imparting skills,
knowledge, behavior and attitude; advance and protect the independence of the
academic enterprise; engender a sense of selfless public service and promote
the African culture and tradition.”  As
such, the university has championed more research than any other university in
the whole of Nigeria. For Pete’s sakes, it is the only university that was
involved in space research in Nigeria. The university encourages learning and
has developed an app for remote learning. It encourages students to find solutions
to large societal problems through sponsoring students’ research. OAU has made
an impact that is not going to be outshone anytime soon. As such, OAU is the
best of the best Universities in Nigeria.
Do you think we
missed your university because we are not aware of the research and
contributory activities of your school? Let us know in the comments below.