What Are The Ten Commandments Governing Computer Ethics


After reading this article/lesson, readers should able to:

  1. List the responsible ways of using computer and internet 
  2. Know the 10 commandment governing Computer ethics
  3. Identify ways of misusing the computer and internet (ie computer crimes)


The ten commandment is legal, obligatory,constitutional and fundamental.computer ethics institute of America proposed what is called “Ten(10) commandment of ethnics” as follows:  

  1. Thou shall not use computer to harm other people 
  2. Thou shall not interfere with other people’s work
  3. Thou shall not use computer to steal
  4. Thou shall not use computer to bear false witness
  5. Thou shall not stop around other people’s computer’s file
  6. Thou shall not use other people’s computer’s resources without authorization or proper compensation 
  7. Thou shall not  appropriate other people’s intellectual property or output
  8. Thou shall not  use propertary software for which you have not paid 
  9. Thou shall not think about social consequences of the program you are writing or the system you are designing.
  10. Thou shall not use computer in a way that ensure consideration and respect for your fellow humans.

The above ten commandments simply refers to the codes of conducts or ethics governing the computer practice.  

are the principles and standards that guide our behaviour toward other
people.  Acting ethically means behaving in a fashion and treating other
people with respect and dignity. The important role of ethics in our lives
has long been recognized.

The most important part of information and communication technology (ICT)system is the people who use it and are affected by it.  How we act towards
other is largely determine by our ethics and effective mastering of the ten commandments. Certain commandments which are helpful in safe guiding your computer system may be employed.

The use of the computer system to perpetrate crime is referred to as computer crime.  Before the coming of the computer, in the business world.
Crime in business were carried out by robbers who will physically go to the
bank premises to rob staff and customers at gun point.

A computer user or person that misuse or use computer in an illegal way to
perpetrate crime by penetrating a computer network is referred to as a Hacker.  The different forums of
computer crime ranges from theft of hardware and software resources,
vandalizasion of the hardware, hacking, theft of physical cash as well as
official document.

Computer crime is a common thing in the country of the world
today. However it is important to note that computer cannot commit crime except
the users and the operators.

Responsible ways of using the computer system (part of the ten commandment)

In order to have an ideal computer environment and operate within the domain of the commandments, there are rules and guidelines
to follow:  This serve as the standard or the responsible ways of using the computer system

These includes:
  • Put
    on the computer system when you need to and shut down properly when the system
    is not in use.
  • A well illuminated room should be an ideal place to keep the computer
    system.  The room must be well curtained to prevent sunlight
  • The room should be well ventilated and spacious to dispatch the
    heat generated by the computer.
  • Air conditioner for the effective cooling of the computer is ideal.
  • Computer connection should be such that will protect the computer from
    damage.  Avoid running computer cables on the floor.
  • The use of pipe for cables system is a perfect way to run cables in the
    computer room.
  • A dust free environment is an ideal place to keep computer and it must be
  • A central switch system with an uninterpretable power supply will protect the
    computer from the power problem.
  • Do not move the computer system while it is switched on the prevent an
    interrupt and also system from damage.
  • Failure and the computer system should be arranged in such a way that students
    can use the keyboard, muse and other peripherals without any difficulty.
  • Avoid liquid dropping into the computer system.   Therefore, eating
    or drinking should be discouraged in the computer room.
  • Handle all the equipment with care.
  • Computer system should be serviced regularly and covered after use.
The Internet or simply the net is an acronym for international network. It is
global interconnected network of computer for the purpose of sharing hardware software
and information resources.  The internet can be responsibly used in vast ways. Nonetheless, ensure that; you 
  • Respect either people’s privacy
  • Avoid getting password or authorized into other people’s information
  • Check your e-mail regularly and give prompt and polite response to mails.
  • Respect the copyright law by not copying or duplicate protected works or
    software without due permission.

There should be no discrimination (eg sex, race) and therefore respect the
opinion of other participant in the net group.

Ways of misusing the computer and internet 

: This is the theft of hardware and software resources.  It
can also include the theft of physical cash as well as official documents.

Pornography: This is the use of internet top show nude pictures,
thereby abusing the mind of the teenage.

Cyber war
:This is the use of electronic network and information on the net to
fervent trouble eg the use of internet to send provocative word.

:This involves using internet to defraud others.The fraudsters
commonly refer to as yahoo boys defraud their victim of their word.

 Piracy of software:When people go to the internet to copy
software and use it without permission or authorization is referred to as the piracy of the genuine owner.

Plagiarism: This is the claiming the ownership of the researched work of
software belonging to another person and get credit or reward for it.This is
possible when existing job is pirated and represent as now and original.

:This is the use of computer to steal money  (ie unauthorized use or access to other  people’s ATM)  It
is similar to fraud.

Virus Attack or threat:
Virus is a program written but the programme to
adversely affect the smooth running of an authorized software some internet
users intentionally send virus to other internet users. The effect of
virus attack are environs.

In conclusion, i hope you can understand that; 

Ethics are the principles and standards that guide our behaviour toward other people activities. 

How we relate with the other people is largely dependent in our ethics, and how well versed we are in relationship to the ten commandments.

Without retraction,there are responsible ways of using the computer and internet facilities such
as :

Avoiding liquid dropping into the system. 

Use of dust cover to prevent dust from entering into the computer.

Protecting computer from the power surge. 

Unplugging the system when not in use

Regular check of e-mail.

Prompt and polite response to mails.

The  areas of misuse of computers include:

Invasion of privacy, in a large scale, computers has failed tentatively in resolving;


Cyber war 



Stealing etc