The Vital Voices GROW Fellowship Programme for Female Entrepreneurs

The Vital Voices GROW Fellowship Programme for Female Entrepreneurs
Vital Voices mission is to invest in
women leaders who can ultimately improve the world. The Vital
Voice Grow fellowship is an extremely aggressive one-year accelerator program
for women owners of small and medium businesses in Latin America and the
Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa,sub-Saharan Africa.

The program includes
customized business skills training, technical assistance, leadership
development, and access to networks to grow their businesses and increase their
leadership impact.Through global and regional online and in-person trainings,
fellows focus on strategy and long-term business value paired with
action-oriented plans. They amplify their role as leaders in their businesses
and their communities to create jobs, stimulate long-term economic growth and
produce wider social benefits.
Eligibility Requirements:
Vital Voices seeks applications from women business owners from Latin America
and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa, who: 
     Own a business that has been in operation for at least 3 years,
     Employ at least 3 full time staff, and
    Generate at least USD $40,000 in annual sales
 Are you interested, all concerned applicants should:
 ·         Be
motivated to build the skills and make the changes needed to grow your
·         Have
demonstrated leadership within your community
·         Have
the authority to make critical decisions within your business
·         Are
excited to participate in a one year business accelerator program, and
·         Are
willing and committed to have your business growth tracked by Vital Voices for
1 year during the Fellowship, and 2 years afterwards through methods including
online surveys and phone calls.
The Fellowship:
Global Virtual Learning: Over 4-6 months
fellows complete a series of webinars, assignments, online courses,
assessments, and one-on-one calls with peers, Vital Voices staff, and trainers.
Regional In-Person Training: Each year,
fellows from each region gather in one country in their region to participate
in a four-day regional, in-person training workshop that will guide them in
creating an action plan outlining how they will accomplish their business
growth goals
Growth Services and Support: Following the
in-person training, fellows apply and revise their action plans, as well as
evaluate their progress towards their growth goals. Throughout the last 6
months of the fellowship, Vital Voices staff work with fellows to connect them
to individualized growth services and support, based on the goals and action
items in their action plan.
 ·         4-7
hours per week of webinars, assignments and calls during the global virtual
learning phase (June-September 2016)
·         Attending
the entirety of the 4-day regional in person training workshop in October
·         Active
participation in the growth services and support (November 2016 – May 2017)
·         Collaboration
with Vital Voices on tracking your business growth for up to three years via
completion of brief, periodic online surveys
 ·         Strengthened
knowledge, skills, and confidence in 5 core areas: business planning,
leadership, financial management, networking, and marketing
·         Access
to 12 business management and leadership courses through Harvard Business
School Publishing’s online platform, Harvard ManageMentor (HMM) for one year
·         Access
to highly qualified staff and business consultants
·         Opportunities
for referrals to business support services tailored to your needs
·         A
certificate of completion
·         Up
to 17 interactive webinars led by expert trainers from across the globe
·         Participation
in a 4-day in-person, regional training workshop
·         A
network of women business leaders from across the globe
How to Apply 
Concerned individuals should  Click
Here to Apply
For More Information:
Application Deadline: January 31, 2016