Why Skills and Skill Acquisition is an Essential Tool For Youth Empowerment

Why Skills and Skill Acquisition is an Essential Tool For Youth Empowerment.

Skills acquisition is practically the ability to learn or acquire  communicable and professional skills. Skill acquisition technically involves the development of a new skill, practice a new way of doing things basically derived through training or experience.

At the end of this Article, readers should be able to;

1. Explain the meaning of skills and skill acquisition.
2. State reasons for acquiring skills; taking risks, decision making, managing emergency situations, survival strategy.
3. State the importance of skills acquisition improved quality of life, appreciating human capability, etc.
4. List types of skills, eg. farming, photography, basic computer, literacy, Internet browsing.
5. Mention science related occupations.

6. Identify tools used in science related occupations.

Skills and Skill Acquisition is an essential tool capable of taking/projecting an economy to greater heights. No doubts, skill acquisition in Nigeria hasn’t received much backings in recent times because of lack of adequate/sufficient funds. However, Skills and Skill Acquisition remains the building block for any country to achieve its millennium development goals. To facilitate the radial development of a novice into an expert or professional in any endeavor/domain, it is highly imperative and unconditional that you should understand the psychological component that characterizes a skilled person and obviously an unskilled person.
Cuthrie [1952] defines skill as the ability to bring about some end result with maximum certainty and minimum outlay of energy or of time and energy.

Someone who is skilled has the training and experience that is needed to do some work. For instance, student in school need to possess certain skills in order to enable them finish school productively, seemingly by the time there are through with their schooling, they should be happy that they did maximize their time well.

As a graduate of universal basic community or any community by extension, one must be skilled in one area or other. A skilled person is clever at doing things either from practice or as a natural gift.

The experienced must always be aware and concourse of the skilled, I said so..

Skills and Skill acquisition  or simply put skill acquisition is when one has gone through training either in school system or settings, career workshops, seminar and non school system, to possess or to gain certain experiences.
Moreover, nobody is created or born with experience.

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A novice could conceivably execute a flawless motor skill, yet not able to perform it consistently. Since an individual is limited to perform one complex task at a time, an individual may have to divert all of their intentional capacity towards a new task. As individual practice a particular motor skill, they eventually learn to eliminate extraneous movement and to effectively coordinate muscles to act as a single functional unit.

As skills become automatic, considerable less thought is necessary to effectively complete the task. This allows skilled person to attend other relevant cues in the environment instead of the particular movement.

When you have been trained and acquired certain skill, and you can now perform the dexterity very well, then you are now a total recitalist of that skill.
A skilled person will perform wonderfully well in the type of skill he or she has acquired.


Skills and skill acquisition

There are millions of skills that could be acquired by human beings, both youths and adults; especially Nigerians and those in diaspora.The reason for acquiring a particular skill could be either
1. The skill could be acquired for pleasure.
2. The skill could be embarked upon for human livelihood.
When you are performing certain skill to earn a living, then that skill is your occupation. Your occupation is your profession which actually fetches you money. It is an individual employment.
[Skills and Skill Acquisition]When you are into skill acquisition, reason could be for;
[a]. Taking risks.
[b]. Decision making.
[c]. Managing emergency situation.
[d]. Survival strategy.
[e]. Learning to live together.


Skilled Versus Novice Performer
A novice performer has to manage more information when learning a new motor skill and consequently possess less attention capacity.
Novice are more likely to experience anxiety during unfamiliar situations. Intentional field and decrease the ability respond to peripheral stimuli.
Expert performers that are skilled person are more likely able to perform optimally, at a higher arousal level than novice man who is unskilled.
When novice performer is in a competitive situation, they attempt to consciously monitor the process of performance. Unfortunately, consciousness [control processing] does not contain the necessary information for optimal muscular coordination essential for effective performance.
Skilled performers are better able to correct for extraneous influences on motor skill or any other specific adventure. For example, compared to novice ,an experience athlete may have a greater chance to deliver object to  target while enduring a bodily strike or crowd noise. Novice may more readily to distracting irrelevant cues. Skilled performers can isolate irrelevant cues.
They specially know what information attention is on these cues . Interestingly ,expert performer is better able to detect false cues as compared to novice performers.
Skilled performers may wait until the last possible moment in anticipation for  stimulus that may provide better information. Those that have acquired skills ,have been reported to have certain distinct characteristics relative to their less accomplished peers which include.
[i] Experience fewer problems with anxiety.
[ii] Were more successful at deploying their concentration.
[iii] Were more self confident
[iv] Relied more on internally referenced and kinesthetic mental preparation.
[v] Were more focused on their own performance than that of their team.
[vi] Were more highly motive to do well in their sport.
[vii] Skilled performer athletes possess more positive mood states than their less skilled performer counterparts.
[viii] Skilled performer exhibits different patterns of left  and right brain cortical activity
then do less skilled performer.

                                                [Skills and Skill Acquisition]TYPES OF SKILLS.

There are different types of skills
They include;
[i]Farming (poultry, fish, snail and Rabbit farming)
[ii] Photography
[iii] Paints and Cosmetics
[iv] Internet and How to make money from the Internet
[v] Internet browsing
[vi] E-mail operation
[vii] Fax
[viii] Desktop publishing
[ix] Networking
[x] Metal work
[xi] Vehicle mechanics
[xii] Panel beating
[xiii] Fashion Designer
[xiv] Brick Laying
[xv] Hair Dressing etc

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Skills which make use of scientific discoveries and procedures for their operations are numerous.

When you have a certain skill acquired in sciences, you may venture into professions like
MEDICINE– a medical doctor takes care of sick or ill  people in the hospital. There are millions of human activities. Some are carried out for pleasure; While  few  embarked upon it for human livelihood. When you are performing certain activity to earn your living and possibly make money,then that activity is a perfect occupation.
Your occupation is your profession ,which fetch you money. It is an individual or a person’s employment.
Professions which make use of scientific discoveries and procedures for their operation are called science related occupation. Example of science related subject are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
There are many science related occupations. For example;
1. A medical doctor takes care of sick people in the hospital.
2. A veterinary doctor takes care of animal like chickens ,dogs ,cow ,etc.
3. An engineer’s deals with all types of engines.
4. Pharmacist prepares drugs. Other professions include;
a. Chemist performs scientific research
b. Biologist performs biological related research
c. Physicist performs research inventions
d. Computer scientist conduct computer related discoveries
e.Farming assist in food production
f. Carpentry ensures that houses are properly equipped
Can you now mention other science related occupation?  In fact they are numerous .I believe you want to be a scientist? If so keep it up, for those that want to..lol.
Keep using your brain and hands. Very soon Nigerians will be expecting new ideas , new innovations from every individual involved directly or indirectly. All you need to do is to follow scientific processes in all your undertakings.
1.Medicine :
In this occupation there are doctors , nurses midwives and pharmacists. Their primary duty is to take care of the sick. Health sisters with the help of nurses run infant welfare clinics to look after the health of children who are less than five years old.
Doctors and midwives take care of pregnant ladies until delivery. Pharmacist mix and administer drugs to patients.
There are different types of engineering  portfolios or domain e.g .chemical, electrical, civil, mechanical, computer engineering .
Chemical engineers:
Manufactures various chemicals and industrial products e.g soap, cement, beers, plastics. Electrical  engineers: Design and construct electrical equipment and power stations, they supervise wiring of houses.
 In summary, skills acquisition is extensively imperative in a developing society, especially if growth and massive industrialization and development is been yearn for.From the above, the significance of  Skills and skill acquisition can not be over stressed . So I request that every one of you make that great change and take up one or more skill and special training for yourself