General Information for Company Registration in Nigeria

General Information for Company Registration in Nigeria
1.    Approval of a Name begins the Registration Process. Before you register a Company, you will need to make a choice between two (2) Proposed
 you plan or intend to register.

At this initial (first) stage, it is called Availability of Name Searches. The Approval Officer checks in the System Server (Content Pinnacle Register) to find out if your proposed names have already been registered or not. 

When your proposed names have been registered by other person(s) -; both your two names will be denied approval or rejected. If the officer finds out that
one or all of your two proposed names has not or are not yet registered by
other person(s), one name (usually the first choice name) is thus approved
and reserved for you to proceed with your registration/incorporation.

Note: Names of Limited companies in Nigeria are registered with ending suffixes like ‘’Limited’’ or ‘’Ltd’’ or ‘’Plc.’’.

You can read the full guide in choosing proposed Limited Company Name in Nigeria here.


2.    After the approval of a name, registration/incorporation process begins. at this stage, you will have to fill the requisite incorporation documents and pay the necessary fees. 

3. On completion of registration, you wait for a minimum of two (2) weeks for your certificates and the Certified True Copy of Forms (DEEDS) to be ready for your collection. 

Guides on Requirements for Limited Companies Registration in Nigeria

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Company in Nigeria?

To get the official registration fee for a company with CAC Nigeria, go to 
CAC website and click on “summary of fees and forms” on the sidebar menu. 

If you don’t want to go through the cumbersome process and face some
“non-smiling” CAC clerks who just tell you, “go and see a lawyer“; my experienced Professional,  Bar. Kasie, can get everything done for you.

Limited Company Registration/Incorporation for 1, 000, 000 (1million) Share Capital is # 70, 000 for both Government Fees and this Services Fee while LLC Registration/Incorporation for 500, 000 (5 hundred thousand) Share Capital costs # 60, 000 naira for both Government Official Fees and his Services fee.

He has direct access to CAC Abuja, because his office is in Abuja. If he handles the
registration for you, you can pick up your certificate at his office and he can also dispatch to you through Courier Services like Ifex, Chisco, Peace,
Tradeways (in Nigeria) and DHL, UPS & FedEx for outside Nigeria).

You can contact Bar. Kasie via:

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