Guide in Choosing Proposed Limited Company Name in Nigeria

Guide in Choosing Proposed Limited Company Name in Nigeria

CAC has made it very easy and simple to register a company in Nigeria“, from the comfort of your home or office. However, in registering your proposed company, you
should briefly state the suffixes you can use with your proposed company name
while processing your company registration with CAC Nigeria. In this post,
am sharing with you the suffixes that are not accepted by CAC as well as the

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That Will Be Delisted by CAC

i.    Corporate Affairs Commission does not
 names having such words & suffixes like “Incorporation“,
incorporated”, “Project“, “Certified“,
Group“, “Consortium“, “Holdings“,
Authorized“, “State“, “Government“,
Patent“, “Commerce“, “Copyright

However, except in some special cases and ability to fulfill requirements of
some other enabling Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Companies &
Allied Matters Act, (CAMA), 1990, such words and suffixes like
“Group”, “Consortium”, “Holdings” and ‘’Conglomerate’’
can be used to register companies.

Example: To register a
company with names ending in HOLDINGS, GROUP, CONSORTIUM, you must have
registered two or three other companies, which you now want to MERGE together
into Groups
 (as in UBA Group) or Holdings (as in Nuel
Ojei Holdings
) or Consortium (as in Dandata Consortium).

ii.    Names which have Words and Suffixes like Consulting,ConstructionEngineeringMedicalPharmacyManagement,FinancialAccountingSchool etc
require that at least one Shareholder/Director/Partner provides
a photocopy of his/her Educational/Professional/Training/Degree Certificate
from Universities, Polytechnic, Colleges of Education, Professional
Memberships, Vocational Traning (BSc, BA, MSc, MA, MBA, MBBS, PhD) or
Professional Bodies like (COREN, NIM, ICSA, MPA, NSE, ICAN, ANAN, ACA, CITN,

Companies in Nigeria do not end their naming with ‘LLC,Incorporated, SAGmBHAG,
and other foreign connotations’. You will be anxiously faced with the dilemma of  generating an idea to replicate or model examples of such foreign
companies like (Microsoft Incorporation as in US or Saticom LLC as in US, or R
& D Holdings SA as in France or Vinton GmBH as in Germany or Accenture AG
as in Switzerland) here in Nigeria. 

Names of Limited companies in Nigeria are
registered with ending suffixes like ‘’Limited’’ or ‘’Ltd’’ or ‘’Plc.’’. 

iii.    However, there is a difference between ”Trading
” and ”Registered Name”. 

You can trade or conduct your activities with ”LLC or even
mute up
Ltd‘ or ”Limited” by using only catchy names like
in Dangote, Ibeto, Honeywell, MTN, CoServi, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, UBA, GTB,
Paga, M-pesa, Microsoft, HP, KPMG, Delloitte, Accenture, Emergent, Facebook,
Twitter, Honda, Toyota, CNN, Aljazeera, Gucci, Marks & Spencer, Ikea,
Berkshire Hathaway, etc. 

Again, you can also tailor your trading name according to what you do or the
objects of your company such as Phillips Consulting, Frog Design, Tliblisi
Trading, Sahad Freight Services, etc.

But note again, that this is different from the Registration/incorporation Name
when it is involving a LIMITED COMPANY, where in Nigeria you MUST insert such
suffixes like ”Limited” or ”Ltd” at the end of your choice Limited Company
name for registration/incorporation


Nuel Ojei Nigeria Limited
Emerald Investment Ltd. 

There is an exception to
this if it involves registering Business Names, which does not have its NAMES with
suffixes such as ‘’Limited’’ nor ‘’Ltd’’.

I hope this info is enough to guide you in
choosing the proposed names for your company registration to avoid been
rejected by CAC.

This info was provided by Bar. Kasie, who is an
experienced professional that works as a consultant to CAC Nigeria. 

You can contact Bar. Kasie via:

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Address: B40 Ext. Efab, off Gimbiya St. Garki, Abuja. Nigeria.

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