How to Practically Remove the Blogger Attribution Widget from Your Blog

Your welcome, if you are currently using template by Blogger Designer, All of them seems   to have blogger attribution at the foot of the blog. By default, Blogger templates include attribution gadget at the bottom of each template. The Attribution gadget is the gadget in the footer that clearly spells “Powered by Blogger”. If you have been countlessly frustrated with this Attribution mess  looking seriously for a way to remove this stuff, practically, you may notice that the gadget is locked . Which simply means you are only able to modify only the “Copyright” statement from the widget.

How to Practically Remove the Blogger Attribution Widget from Your Blog

 Bloggers distaste this and the good thing is that it can easily be remove from respective blog template? Yes you are allowed to remove it easily!  Just Follow my instructions below if you wish to remove or customize blogger attribution widget.


Important Notice: Always Back Up Your Templates before Making Any Changes On it.

1. Go to Design > Edit HTML
2. Expand your Widget Template.
3. Click Ctrl+F for the browser Find bar to pop up.
4. Search for the code below in your template.
<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>
5. Now change the locked value ‘true’ to ‘false’ in the line of code.
The New codes looks like the one below
<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’false’ title=” type=’Attribution’>
6. Now find the code similar below,
<b: section class=’foot’ id=’footer
3′ show addelement=’no’>

7. Now change attribute value showaddelement no to yes as below,
<b:section class=’foot’ id=’footer-3′ showaddelement=’yes’>

8. Save your template.
9. Go back and navigate to Layout tab.
10. Find Attribution element bottom of your page.
Attribution element bottom of your page
11. Click on Edit
12.  Now click on Remove button.
Now Attribution element has been removed. You can add another element using bottom Add a Gadget link to add custom attribution.
Add a Gadget link to add custom attribution.
 And you are done, Comments are highly solicited, thanks