Save Your Baby From Bacteria, Fungi and Viral infections with Adequate Breast-milk Feeding.

Save Your Baby From Bacteria, Fungi and Viral infections with Adequate Breast-milk Feeding.
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is as important as nitrogen composition in the atmosphere. Breast milk is
undeniably the best for your baby, and the significant of breast-milk feeding extend
practically beyond essential nutrition.

Additionally, breast milk is
known biochemically  to contain all the essential vitamins and nutrients newly born baby needs in the first six months of life, breast milk according to scientific
research is basically packed with disease-fighting substances (lactoferrin) that protect your baby from illness, which could be bacterial,
viral or fungal.

In our
society today, especially in Nigeria, breastfeeding is considered not compulsory,
where as it should be, and also insignificant because of the hype abound. Most
ladies believe adequate breast-milk feeding of their babies will shrink or make
their breast to fall. 

This is even not the major section that causes much demonstration
(riot), but the shame most ladies claim to receive from breastfeeding their
babies in public domain.

breastfeeding of a baby for the first 6 months, in addition to suitable solid
and liquid foods in anticipation of 1 year and beyond, has significant health
benefits for both the mother and child.
Recently in London, a new study has exposed that a
protein found in breast milk could assist practically in destroying the
antibiotic-resistant superbugs.
research which was carried out by the National Physical Laboratory and
University College London, shows that the component lactoferrin destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses as soon as it
touches them, the Independent reported.
is without doubt that many people in the medical community are intensely worried
by the potentially poisonous threat of drug-resistant superbugs, which develop
rapidly to overcome any antibiotic that is systemically thrown at them. Some
research analysts have even suggested that bacterial resistance poses as serious
and hazardous threat as climate change.
in this intelligence, lactoferrin is
highly more than just another antibiotic for hospital-dwelling superbugs to conquer.
Because the protein works so fast, tearing and devouring bacteria apart in a
fraction of  seconds, it is anticipated that superbugs simply won’t have time
to build up a resistance to it.
However,there are enormous amount of research and battery of safety perimeters
to get through first before your doctor can prescribe  lactotransferrin (LTF) for you. But researchers hope that as well as defeating the notorious superbugs,
the protein will one day assist immensely  to combat diseases, such as sickle-cell anemia,
that are currently well thought-out to be  incurable.
Most importantly before I drop my
pen, Research shows that breast-milk feeding of a newly born baby performs the
following functions in ladies/breastfeeding mothers; 
  • Assists
    the uterus return to its pre-pregnant state faster
  • Can assist
    women to lose weight after  baby’s birth
  • Build
    up shape and increase beauty gradient.
  • Improves
    mental and psychological balance
  • Reduces
    the risk of ovarian cancer and pre-menopausal breast cancer
  • Significantly
    reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • Reduces
    the risk of mothers with gestational diabetes developing Type 2 diabetes.
Additionally, breastfeeding performs the following functions in a
newly born child- reduces and prevents;
  • Gastro-intestinal
    (gut) illness, allergies, asthma, diabetes, obesity, some childhood
  • Respiratory tract (chest) infections,
    urinary tract infections, SIDS (cot death). Breastfed babies are less
    likely to be hospitalized.
  • Bacterial, viral and fungal infections or
  • Normal and calibrated
    breast-milk feeding of a newly born baby improves memory and help to alleviate
    low brain syndrome. Most importantly, it creates room for intimate interaction between
    the mother and the baby, usually through eye contact. So many parents are faced
    with brainless children, children that are always rigid and dull  in class, poor  wisdom efficiency and low academic balance . If asked why? You might consider it been hereditary, although it might be correct  in some
    cases, but insufficient breastfeeding during childhood  also contribute 40-60%
    impact on the child performance level.

Breast-milk feeding is highly
essential for the overall well being of a newly born baby and mothers.
Neglecting this process can be extremely catastrophic to both mother and child.
Mothers and ladies who always believe that breastfeeding of their baby will
make their breast fall or shrink; should have a rethink after reading this article. Practically speaking, it is what you believe and conceive that will come
to pass in your existence as a living being.
Even in the public or social
gathering, breastfeeding of babies can be done without fear or shame. It is the
conception you carry on with you that matters.
 Nobody will see you
breastfeeding your baby in the public or in a closet and decide to look deeply at you, except he or she desires a taste. You can always excuse
yourself and do it quietly.
After understanding the health
impact of breast-milk to newly born babies, I believe your conception about
adequately breastfeeding your babies should change.
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