How To Access your Passwords from Anywhere with Google Password Manager

How To Access your Passwords from Anywhere with Google Password Manager
Have you ever checked to see if Google has an online password
manager that gives you immediate access to all your stored usernames and
passwords from anyplace, anytime? You don’t even need Google Chrome to view the
passwords. Come on, Google is very smart and to live like a boss you
need to try harder.

Remember that Google Chrome
has a built-in password manager that offers the utility  to save your username and password whenever
you login  to a website using Chrome
browser. This  stored passwords are
synced with your Google Account and consequently are accessible across all
devices where you have signed in using the same Google Account.
Google Chrome is available
for all platforms, including iOS and Android phones, and thus you always have
access to your saved passwords. on the other hand, some people  prefer using a different browser, like Safari
on iPhone or Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, honestly you can still access all
your account passwords saved inside Chrome via
kindly do this, Open the Google Passwords website, sign-in in with your existing Google
Account that you are using on Chrome and you’ll find a list of every single
account (and the associated password) that you’ve used to sign-in in Chrome.
The passwords
are hidden with
asterisks but they can be easily revealed by clicking the matching eye icon.
You can also remove any saved password from the list but there’s no option to
edit passwords.

Do you want to Hide Your Passwords?

If you
feel you want to hide your password, now try this. This is another strong
reason why you should to enable 2-factor authorization for your Google Account.
If someone gains access to your main Google account password, they likely have
access to your entire library of passwords through the Google Passwords
If you are
not comfortable seeing your passwords inside the Google Passwords website, you
have two options. you might chose not to  save your passwords in Chrome at all or just
make them unreachable from the Google website.
Kindly Open Google Chrome on desktop and head to Settings – Advanced Sync
Settings. on the other hand,  gently type chrome://settings/syncSetup in the section you are using in the  browser address bar and click on Enter.  Look Under the Encryption Options, choose “Encrypt all synced data with your own
sync passphrase”, enter a passphrase and save the settings appropriately.

Wait for a while, your
passwords will no longer be obtainable through the Google Passwords website. If
 at some point your  not convinced about your choice, simply
reset to
default settings.
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