How To Create and Earn Money From Your Mobile Sites With Facebook Audience Network (Fan) Ads

Audience Network (Fan) Ads is currently waxing strong
and puling traffic beyond distance comprehension, ask Danny
rose, and listen to what he says to you clearly. Fan Ads is a program that is
specifically designed to assist advertisers in all areas of their
marketing campaign and subsequently gain more audience on any future
ads they create.
So many
friends keep asking how certain this novel Facebook Ads is, and how valid it
can last. But honestly, my advice is to give it a trial.
earlier, Facebook declared
publicly the expansion of the Audience Network to include support for its
mobile web, bringing the extreme significance of native ad formats and individual-based
marketing to a new set of publishers and enabling 2.5 million Facebook
advertisers to reach more of the people they care about on mobile devices by

Try to imagine what this is all about,
simply, publishers can now monetize their high-quality content with
Facebook ads, conversely advertisers can also broaden their campaigns
beyond Facebook, mobile apps and into mobile websites.
The Facebook
Audience Network (Fan) is fundamentally meant for apps, models and website. But
before you can key into this Ads network, kindly follow the detailed steps and
guide below. This constitute the basic steps you need to follow before you can be
validly approved. Don’t be surprised that this fan ads you are hearing about
today might become extremely prominent than the prevalent Google ads, Clearly
recall when Google Adsense were newly crafted, getting approval to displays ads
 was as easy as drinking pure water, But today, its not the
What to
, Kindly grab a cup of tea and read clearly
with your eyes open, Facebbok Ads in the Audience Network are designed to
conventionally aid marketers meet key business set objectives, like driving app
installs and engagement. To help deliver the best ads possible, the Audience
Network delivers ads in three creative formats
How To  Create and Earn Money From Your Mobile Sites With Facebook Audience Network (Fan) Ads

The Facebook  Audience Network’s native format ads traditionally  fits the look and feel of any respective app supporting an ad. Initial tests have  hypothetically shown that these ads drive great performance and result was positive.
Regardless of format, there’s no need to upload new creative — ads in the Audience Network use the same images you use for your ads on Facebook.
For your analysis, You can check out FAN ad examples by clicking here

Facebook Audience Network Policies
Firstly, you have to understand their policy, to avoid been banned. In order to ensure that publishers are offering a high quality advertising experience, Facebook Audience network requires that all apps serving Facebook ads are strictly working in accordance with the Audience Network policies. Read the policies here. Regarding payout tab, nobody needs slagging…lol.. you don’t need to worry if you don’t have the necessary information, nevertheless, your ads will display proportionally until it gets to  $100 threshold, after which it will stop displaying.
Additionally, All apps and web sites in the FAN network will be systematically reviewed by automated systems in collaboration with experts, seemingly it will be  manually checked for quality and compliance. Facebook pledges to simultaneous quality review  in order to ensure continued adherence to the policies and native ad design guidelines.
Instructions/guide on how to Apply for the Facebook  Audience Network (Fan) Ads.
STEP.1 –  Kindly visit this  link  and click on Get a FB App ID

How To  Create and Earn Money From Your Mobile Sites With Facebook Audience Network (Fan) Ads
STEP.2 –  Once you’ve been directed to the next section, kindly click on Start now and chose existing app or create a new FB App ID.
How To  Create and Earn Money From Your Mobile Sites With Facebook Audience Network (Fan) Ads
STEP .3- Kindly  Provide your Mobile Web site URL

NOTE: 1] To use Audience Network for mobile websites, provide the exact site URL where you would like to show ads (e.g.

STEP 4- Once you are done with the above steps and save, then proceed to step 4 and 

Create Placement IDs

Audience Network offers 3 types of ad units: banner, interstitial (app only), and native ads. Each ad unit in your app or mobile website is identified using a unique placement ID. The first step in adding an ad unit is to create this identifier. Click the Create Ad Placement button to start creating placement IDs to test in your app or mobile website.
STEP 5- Fill your Payout information. Kindly fill out your payment information, ensure that they are valid info, to ensure timely payment without obstruction…
How To  Create and Earn Money From Your Mobile Sites With Facebook Audience Network (Fan) Ads
STEP.6-You can now Go live
Alternatively, follow this guide to set up Audience Network in your apps and mobile websites.
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