How To Easily Add “Read More” tab To Your Feedbuner Feeds On Blogger

Your blog Feedburner is as important as your entire blog url, ask me why? This is because you need viral layout and exposure.

 For easy and consistent blog post broadcasting, your feedburner is a significant or imperative tool to implement.

Feedbuner is highly recommended,  for every blogger  to increase their traffic and dominance. There is high need for Feedburner activation. this is primarily  to enable free and easy broadcasting of your blog content daily or weekly.

Every blogger posses the sole power to design or rearrange the  feeds the way he desires, just to share it with potential subscribers and the major objective  for using the read more link is to achieve high spike in traffic.

Without wasting much of your time, this post will teach you  how to add read more to your feedbuner feeds on blogger.

Step 1

Login to your blogger account 
Step 2

Kindly move your mouse down to the settings tab and then click on it once.

Step 3
Gently Click on others tab below then click >> allow blog feed.

Check the image below
How To  Easily Add "Read More" tab To Your Feedbuner Feeds On Blogger
Step 4

 You will have to choose until jump break. Once you have clicked on this last instruction, kindly save what you have done.
 Just wait for  24 hours and you can now rock with your traffic till………..
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