How To Give Your Android Phone a Massive Speed Boost, Just Like Apple Sped up iOS 7.1

How To Give Your Android Phone a Massive Speed Boost, Just Like Apple Sped up iOS 7.1

Apple  recently released its enthusiastically
anticipated iOS 7.1 update
last week and while the new software added a gang of immense new features and
cleaned up a few annoying bugs, there is one thing in meticulous that stands
out as the best thing about iOS
7.1: the speed improvements.
Apple’s new iOS 7.1 software is amazingly speedy
on iPhones and iPads, and the disparity entirely changes the user understanding
for the better. although why should iPhone users have all the fun?

with straightforward adjustment to three settings, you can enjoy the same enormous
speed improvements on your Android smartphone or tablet phones.

vital aspect about Android that fascinates me is its flexibility.  Google’s mobile software is open to all kinds
of third-party tweaks and enhancements, but it also has some built-in features
that know-how owners can take lead of to change the user experience. One such
feature allows Android device users to considerably speed up the changeover
animations that display when they switch apps and when windows open and close.

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tweaks are obtainable within the settings of all recent Android phones in a
section called “Developer options.”
  • This
    section may  be concealed on some phones,
    but it’s very easy to access. On many phones, you just have to open a certain
    page in the settings and tap a button seven times. Use Google to figure out how
    to enable Developer options on your phone if it’s currently hidden (for
    example, search “enables developer options HTC One”).

you have access to Developer options, simply scroll until you find the
following three settings, which may be located on the main screen or within an
“Advanced” subsection:
animation scale
animation scale
animation scale
each of the three abovementioned settings will reveal that it’s set to “1x” by
default. If you really intend to speed up your phone or tablet spectacularly,
simply change each of those three settings to “.5x” — that’s it.
will without doubt perform the same function for Android devices. Adjusting
these settings also shouldn’t really have any crash on battery life, despite
the fact that if you’re using a big phone with a slower processor you may see
some choppiness.

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