LG Sound Bar -Home Theatre – AUD 550H

LG Sound Bar -Home Theatre - AUD 550H
With LG Sound Bar -Home Theatre, you can  Experience balanced/equilibrium  and extreme sounding; the LG sound bar speaker is an ideal selection to metamorphose from the tiny sound your TV produces. With the LG AUD 550H soundbar you can not only take your TV’s sound to the next level but also stream music from up to three smartphones or tablets!
Go with the flow
LG Sound Bar -Home Theatre - AUD 550H
Available for Android and iOS devices, the LG MUSIC flow Bluetooth app gives up to three devices simultaneous control of the LG soundbar
Wireless TV connection with sound sync
LG Sound Bar -Home Theatre - AUD 550H
When paired with a compatible LG TV, Sound Sync connectivity means there’s no need for a cable between TV and soundbar. What’s more, using an LG’s TV remote effortlessly controls the soundbar’s functions, for seamless ease of use.
Powerful sound with 3D surround processor
With its digital amplifier, the LG AUD 550H puts out an impressive 120W for the soundbar alone (plus another 200W for the subwoofer). This gives the soundbar exceptional dynamics and the ability to ‘punch’ the sound well out into the room. For an even more immersive sound, the 3D Surround Processor helps give the impression of being surrounded by sound.

Bass to make the room shake with a wireless subwoofer
Although the soundbar offers a powerful and engaging sound, for genuine, cinema style bass you really need a separate subwoofer. The wireless, active subwoofer that comes with the LG AUD 550H packs a potent punch, making all the difference with action movies now being felt as well as heard!
Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone or other music device
Bluetooth connectivity is standard, turning this soundbar into an impressive music player. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth receiver, you can link your smartphone, PC, laptop or other device with Bluetooth and stream your stored or cloud based music – no wires required! It means that you’ll not only enjoy superior TV sound but also have a quality system for your music, too.
HDMI with ARC and optical input for system flexibility
With an HDMI input and output you can plug in your Blu-ray player or games console and carry the picture through to your TV. Thanks to the ARC (Audio Return Channel) you also only need a single HDMI cable between soundbar and TV to hear the sound from the TV’s onboard receiver. There’s also an optical input for other sources like a DVD player or set-top box.For the soundbar that gives you more, the LG AUD 550H is a top contender.

Significant Specs for LG Sound Bar -Home Theatre – AUD 550H

  • 2.1 channel configuration
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth streaming and multipoint
  • USB audio playback
  • Sound sync
  • LED display
  • Wall mountable