Connotation of Salary Structures in Nigeria (CONTISS,CONUASS,CONRAISS,CONTOPSAL,CONPSS etc..)

This Salary Structures in Nigeria tend to cause series of upset among youths and labour workers, the meaning is not far fetch. The connotations of the various salary structures in Nigeria have been highlighted in this article.
Commonly asked questions include, qualitative and comprehensive descriptions of this salary structures,  ranging from CONTISS, CONUASS, CONRAISS, CONTOPSAL, CONPSS, CONMESS, CONHESS,CONJUSS to CONPASS etc
Due to this inquisitiveness, I have  passionately compiled a list of some of salary structures codings here for easy comprehension
Consolidated Top Federal Public Office Holders’ Salary Structure (CONTOPSAL): Salary Structure for top government officials.
Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure (CONRAISS): A salary structure for Research, Training and Allied Institutions in the Federal Public Service.

Consolidated Tertiary Institutions Salary Structure II (CONTISS II): Salary structure for Non-Academic Staff of Federal Universities
Consolidated University Academic Salary Structure (CONUASS): Salary structure for the academic staff of federal universities.

Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) : Salary structure for Medical and Dental Officers in the Federal Public Service. 

Consolidated Health Salary Structure(CONHESS) : Salary Structure for pharmacists, medical laboratory, nurses and other health workers in the health sector of the Federal Public Service.

Consolidated Judicial Salary Structure (CONJUSS): Salary Structure for Judiciary workers in the Federal Public Service.

For more information on salary structures and the pay, visit The National Salaries, Incomes & Wages Commission (NSIWC).
If you know any salary structure which I have not included here, feel free to share as a comment below.

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