How To Easily Setup Autoresponder On Your Gmail Account

Autoresponder  plays a significant role in enhancing efficient connectivity. Wether you like it or not, Gmail provides/offer one of the best services you can think of or imagine currently.

Now, what is this autoresponder all about?
This autoresponder is practically designed for people moving or heading for leisure purposes or simply put; vacation. Now, what this autoresponder does, is to ensure that you receive any mail sent to your gmail account on the go..

So many people believe, such a destination is a mile stone, but it currently does.Kindly follow this tutorial/illustration to learn how  to use autoresponder for your Gmail account.

Step 1
The first step is for you to login to your Gmail account. If you dont have, read this: 

How to Creat a Google Gmail Account

Step 2
Gently move your  mouse to the top-right corner and then click on the gear button known as settings.

How To  Easily Setup Autoresponder On Your Gmail Account

Step 3
Now move your mouse down to the vacation responder section and then select the vacation responder  Please ensure that it is “on”

How To  Easily Setup Autoresponder On Your Gmail Account

Step 4
After completing the above step (3), you will be given a form to fill. Note that; all you need to do, is to insert the the subject and message you want as your autoresponder.

Step 5
If you so desire, kindly perform some  settings restrictions on who can see the responses youve set.

Step 6
Lastly, kindly click on the save changes button at the bottom and that’s all.

N/B: For effective and perfect job, kindly use your dextop PC to perform this action.

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