How To Check Your Alexa Blog Ranking

How To Check Your Alexa  Blog Ranking

Do you want to check your Alexa blog ranking?

 Alexa ranking has become a bordering concept in bloggers, who desires to know their blog ranking at all cost. For me i dont care because i keep making my money and receiving my Google Adsense check monthly. Recently i published a post on how to claim your site on alexa, it was lovely so many readers confessed to that.
 Although based on my experimental research it dosnt account for your earnings or acts as a criteria for earning good income from your blog. Alexa rank only shows your relative position in the alexa ranking system.

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The Amazon owned company/website ranking platform does it best to estimate traffic influx to your site. Although not really accurate in this estimation. But advertisers mostly based their impression of a top site on the lower your blog ranks on alexa. A rank of 1 in the world actually means you are topping the chart or list of top ranking sites in Nigeria, where as a rank of 100 on the alexa ranking system indicates lower ranking in comparison to the initially ranked 1 website.

To know your alexa ranking, kindly visit their website (

How To Check Your Alexa  Blog Ranking

and at the top right hand side you will see a section showing (Browse top website and a space to insert your blog/website and at the end FIND.
kindly click on find and your alexa ranking will be displayed accordingly.

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