How To Massively Improve Your Alexa Ranking in 7 Simple Steps

How To Massively Improve Your Alexa Ranking in 7 Simple Steps
Improving alexa rank is what most blogger anxiously desires. Although, there are few bloggers who dosnt trust the efficacy of alexa rank, based on their personal experience.  Alexa is an Amazon business enterprise
which currently ranks web sites or blogs in step with regards their traffic
density. Presently, alexa rating is second to none, in terms of rivalry in
offering approximate and up- to- date sites records.

Alexa website ranking
machine is significantly appropriate among others at present existing all over
the world.

From my little experience, Alexa
ranking system updates all website visitors’ facts and data on daily basis and
you can see the changes to your Alexa rank. Some people still believes alexa
ranking methodologies are inaccurate, but not withstanding, advertisers look
out for your alexa traffic rank before engaging in any advertisement offer. So you should endeavor to get a better alexa ranking as fast as
possible. As I earlier explain, Alexa is a Web
Information Company, which rank website or blogs based on many factors and
regular influx of traffic is one of them.

Based on my understanding, if your website currently receives a ranking above
one million, it gets updated less often. Whereas, If you’re ranking is below
one million, it gets updated frequently.

Back to our topic of discussion, for
you to improve your alexa ranking with ease, kindly follow the steps identified
below without neglecting any of them.

How important is Alexa to monetize your site?

When we  talk to advertisers, especially myself, i give them a few metrics to judge my blog mostly invloving the  Alexa, because it is kind of sweet and interesting to rank below 100K. However,  they know as well as I do and probably every blogger out there in the blogosphere, that this is not a candid and realistic pathway  bases for  pure traffic analysis. their assessment definately should differ. It tells proposed advertisers  that there are either really popular, or that you are practically active and in return get a good share of blogger traffic.
1. Install Alexa toolbar in your favorite
browser (e.g Chrome)

Kindly install the Alexa toolbar in your web browser and advocate for others to
install the same on their browser. Practically speaking, Alexa toolbar sends data to the
Alexa server of each site you visit through your browser. The alexa traffic
system counts only those human visits which goes through their system. Without
any traffic signal in alexa system, you are likely not to see any improvement
in your alexa rank. You’re strongly encouraged to visit your blog frequently
for faster result. 
For those who have alexa extension installed on their
browser, this will systematically transmit assembled data to alexa traffic rank
system. For example, take this scenario; if you visit your blog 50 times a day,
this will definitely count in your alexa traffic ranking provided you have
installed the tool bar appropriately. I have seen many blog which gets massive
amount of traffic on their blog but with no good alexa rank. So this step is
install the alexa tool bar, follow this guide;
  • Go to Alexa Toolbar Installation Page with
    your favorite browser e,g Google chrome, opera and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Click on
    Install Alexa extension.
  • Now Install
    Alexa Toolbar extension in your Browser.
2. Claiming your blog on alexa

I had this similar issue of not claiming my blog on Alexa, consequently, I got ranked in India rather than my Original country, Nigeria. Claiming your blog on Alexa gives you more control to your site. This will show others that you are the owner of the blog. These factors can without doubt increase your Alexa ranking. You’re simply expected to provide your contact details on your blog alexa page. Most bloggers have received considerable increase in their page rank whereas others are still in a blind. If you haven’t claimed your blog on alexa, and still expecting miracle in your ranking slope, I encourage you to do that now and anticipate for success.

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3. Place Alexa widget on your site/blog

Placing alexa widget on your website or blog is highly encouraged for higher
alexa ranking. Visitors and readers are always fun of clicking on your alexa
ranking widget to know your ranking status, and this is very advantageous as it
helps in increasing your alexa rank. To add alexa widget to your blog, kindly Read
this guide
:How to Create Alexa Rank Widget for your Blog
4. Make quality Backlinks for your
Getting unique and quality backlinks for your
blog is as good as writing distinctive articles. If you focus entirely on
writing quality articles for your blog without building backlinks, your ranking
will definitely not be encouraging. Like I said, this is not what you bargain
There are many ways for building backlinks, if you comment on big websites
in your niche with good and high traffic, you should try to integrate your own
your related links. This is simply referred to as back linking. Nevertheless,
this should not be done in excess as you can get penalized by Google team. Ensure
that your backlinks are in a way too natural to be mistaken for spam, that is,
it should look natural.

My candid advice is that if you try to build too much links for your blog,
there is a tendency that you may get instant boost in your search engine
ranking, but shortly will you notice the consequence of trying to overdo

5. Write quality posts

If you intend to stay longer in the blogging sphere, quality and uniqueness
should not be omitted in your daily routine. Having quality posts in your blog
is much more significant because educative and informative content is the first
thing which visitors see before visiting your blog. If your blog contains
quality posts, it is highly positive that others will link relevant sections of
their page to your blog for getting quality page rank and content linking.
will help in generating more backlinks to your blog and improve your Alexa
ranking. Through this simple process you can build organic backlinks for your
blog.  Copying and pasting content is
highly prohibited. If you’re having fun doing that, certainly you won’t last

6. Post on webmaster forum

There are loads of webmasters forum online, like nairaland, worrior forum,digital-point forum etc.
Posting on forums is necessary, if you really want to improve your alexa
within weeks or months. While posting on web forum, you should also
integrate your blog relevant pages/links containing related post to the topic
of discussion. This is very good because webmaster have the Alexa toolbar
installed in their web browsers in most cases. This will definitely increase the
likelihood of visit to your website or blog. If you are getting substantial
number of visitors to your blog from webmaster forums then your websites Alexa
rank will increase speedily.
method will improve your website rank in many ways: first it will improve your alexa rank

Secondly this will also bring referral traffic to your blog. If you comment on
relevant blog then you will get organic visitors. If they have alexa extenstion
installed on their browser it will further improve your alexa ranking.

The most important part is that, you will get connected to other webmasters.
What I always advice is that, you should always try to share their articles on
social media platform so that yours will be shared simultaneously by them.
Resulting in more number of visitors who have alexa browser extension installed
on their web browser and this will subsequently improve your alexa ranking.

7. Update the blog or site regularly

Currently, the blogging world is extensively competitive. If you don’t write
quality and unique posts on daily or weekly basis, your Alexa rank will drop
drastically. Once your Alexa rank gets decreased, it takes time to get back to
your previous ranking. So it is greatly suggested that you update your blog frequently.
If you can drop at least 2 unique articles daily on your niche blog, you’re
safe. Even though it is rather rigid to write articles regularly if you run loads
of blogs/sites at the same time. But try to keep up a high-quality publishing rate.
In order to improve your alexa ranking easily, you have to
comprehend that, there are merits and demerits. From my experience as a
Nigerian, it is difficult to ignore Alexa ranking system because Many
advertising companies and individuals check out your alexa traffic rank before
engaging your blog for advertisement offers. 
Experimentally speaking, alexa
traffic rank is not as accurate as everybody thinks or belief. If i am wrong
kindly use the comment box to correct me, nobody is beyond mistake. Because of
Alexa’s limited method of collecting human traffic, it is by and large possible
that it gives imprecise results.
 For getting much significant traffic for
Alexa, most of the traffic should come from bloggers. So you should try to
target bloggers to visit your blog. This is precisely one of the most valid
strategies that can guaranty rapid improvement in alexa ranking.
I will personally like to here your comments, should you have any additional information that will serve as a guide in this regards (steps to improve alexa rank).