Report On the 6th edition of the Nigerian universities research and development fair

 6th edition of the Nigerian universities research and development fair
This 6th edition of the Nigerian universities
research and development fair was packed with series of innovative and groundbreaking

First of its kind to see such innovation, In-depth exploration
and creativity at its best. Without retraction, Nigerian universities have
witnessed incredible growth in all result and currently have gurus that fit and
at the same time beat her contemporaries countrywide.

Kindly Watch this video to see what students have done…
The first Nigerian universities
Research and Development Fair (NURESDEF), which was held at Abuja on the 23rd
of November, 2004, organized by NUC,  was
reputed  to be of high standard .It
involved notable university scholars 
from Nigeria and provided excellent platform  for all the participating universities to
demonstrate their research supremacy and strength to industries, partners and
potential investors.  This year’s edition
of the Nigerian Universities Research and Development fair, with the theme;
Research and development: A panacea for National industrial transformation,
welcomed several Universities with exceptional research investigation and
discoveries, and University of Uyo,Akwa Ibom state, took the overall first
Research is practically known to be the most excellent way
of finding out solutions to real life problems confronting human race. Without
much debate, for decades, oil extraction in the Niger Delta
has led to wide-scale contamination of the environment.
 Several lands have been
made uncultivable and agriculture is a big problem. To this effect, the
university of Uyo research team came out with Crude oil components Degradation
by Bacterium from stressed Aquatic sediments of Eniong River, Itu, Nigeria. In
order to salvage this never-ending condition. Among other exceptional research
presented by the University of Uyo research team include the Design of a
3D-printing machine and manufacture of can crusher, by the mechanical
engineering Department, the Living tube from the Department of Architecture,
Utilization of Musa Species (plantain and Banana) Pseudostem waste for the
production of pulp and paper, cellulose plastics, decorative textile costumes,
Fibres, board and floor tiles from the Department of Chemistry. The development
of collage with synthetic finger nails and its effectiveness in painting
composition and synergy of polythene, foil and fabric waste as media for
collage painting productions: A studio exploratory approach to waste recycling.
From the Department of Fine and Industrial Arts.
It was a bombshell to
participating universities as University of Uyo emerged victorious in this
year’s exhibition/exercise. What most aggrieved universities failed to
comprehend cogently was that, this year’s NURESDEF was extensively centered on
innovative research, targeted towards solving underlying issues in the society.
This was the mission of the University of Uyo Research Team.
Furthermore, stakeholders
and intelligible participants were not totally dismayed, because what most
participating schools presented was a replication of already existing
technologies, like the manufacturing of flying drones, formula one machine,
solar panel system, vehicles and thermal book binding machine by Nnamdi Azikiwe
University, Awka. However, the presentation of a newly manufactured Saloon car
which operates/drives without fuel by Covenant University research team was
inventively commendable, but certainly an overall winner had to emerge.
Nigerian universities research-Art works

Finally, concomitant to
this research exhibition, a developing country like Nigeria can benefit
immensely from the products, ideas and innovation achieved so far. It will be
calamitous if all this decorated successes are not financially supported to
achieve it desired intend. With the existence of the International Center for
Energy and Environmental Sustainability (ICEESR) in University of Uyo, Akwa
Ibom state, which is in affiliation with the Massachusetts institute of
Technology, USA and the International Environmental Research Center at Gwanju
Institute of Technology, South Korea. Several ground-breaking innovative researches
are imminent.
Nigerian universities research
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