Rigger Job Position at Swiz-tech Nigeria Limited

Rigger  Job Position at Swiz-tech Nigeria Limited

Swiz-tech Nigeria Limited was established, incorporated and registered (RC387248) in 2000 as a technical services company and as a limited liability company in Nigeria.

Job Title: Rigger

Job Description

  • Maintain a personal and practical commitment to Work Health & Safety (WHS) and environmental policies.
  • Survey the condition of all masts and antennas and associated feeder systems, making recommendations as to any maintenance required and the order of priority.
  • Based on the above survey, plan and perform the necessary maintenance on the radio masts, antennas and associated feeder systems. This may include climbing guyed masts up to 50m high to maintain antennas.
  • Assess the serviceability of mast/antenna spares, tools and safety equipment and make recommendation as to repair or replacement of such items.
  • Install new masts and antennas as required – this may involve work at remote repeater sites.
  • Make recommendations of further work required that was not able to be completed.
  • Ensure compliance to safe rigging practices at every step of the rigging process
  • Building wireless sites on rooftops, lattice towers, guy towers and monopoles
  • Tower climbing and rope access
  • Remove, install and repair various types and sizes of lines including fiber optic, co-axial etc
  • Utilize winches and capstan to move loads as required
  • Install pinwheels, structural steel, cable tray, conduits, antenna mounts, antennas, transmission lines and ancillary equipment on communication towers
  • Perform all general ground procedures associated with the installation of a communication tower
  • Conduct inventory inspections and sort received materials on site
  • Ensure the proper inspection and use of personal safety equipment

Job Qualification

Job Location
All States

Job Category
Engineering, Technical, ICT, Computer

Method of Application
Qualified Candidates should forward CV and Application to [email protected]