10 Ways New Bloggers Can Start a Business and Make Money Online

10 Ways New Bloggers Can Start a Business and Make Money Online
10 Ways New Bloggers Can Start a Business and Make Money Online 
Are you a new blogger? I
guess you’re pretty tired of being broke after surfing and blogging for months
without positive results…I always say that ordinary people /bloggers are not familiar
people, but people are activated to become great and achieve unimaginable
success through their hard work and consistency. 

If you think you belong to
this category and have tried in all areas to make money online and offline but
keep failing
. Your proportionally one step towards success.  Don’t lose faith.

 Have you tried asking and you didn’t receive?.
Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be open unto you.” The spirit
of continuity.

  Starting a business
requires flexibility and perseverance. It also means taking the risk and rising
above those who choose to play it safe with the tenacity to succeed.

A simple smile can
change impressions. A new fad may defy conventions.

These are the 10 Ways
ordinary people can make money or start a business with little or no capital:
if you think it doesn’t work and you can’t, please don’t read..
I receive mails everyday
from friends and new bloggers. The only conclusion I was able to come out with
was to encourage them, that it is definitely not over yet, just keep the flag
flying high. You might be interested in reading the 6 reasons why new bloggers don’t make money online, you will love it.
1. First, begin
with your passion to start a business.
 Your passion fuels your
production so you have to begin with something you love to do. Be indulgent
about your products and remain focused. It is important to maintain the
determination and enthusiasm to develop the business.
2. People first,
profit second
. Think of how your business can best serve others and your
bottom line will take care of itself. Look out for trends and opportunities to
capture a niche in the market. Lots of people out there have one and even more
problems, but getting solutions remain a problem, think of how to solve those
impending issues with your niche domain and HOW TOs blog, this will be helpful
and subsequently improve your traffic influx (revenue generation).
3. Try to be creative.
Recently much debate on creativity
is a problem, new bloggers tend to engage in copy and paste, and this is
a problem. Try to be creative and maintain such originality especially in the
blogosphere.  Be persuasive, give attention to details, be on the lookout
for potential customers and attract them to buy your products.
4. Dare to ask
yourself, “Why not?”
 Do not be afraid to pioneer something that has
never been done before. Taking the risk is a part of a business. When you make
mistake, admit it and learn from it but don’t let it debilitate you. Move on
and become a stronger and wiser person because of it.
5. Be impeccable
with your word.
 Do what you say you will do and people will recognize
you for your integrity. First impressions last so always try to impress your
prospective clients and partners on what you can best offer.
6. Make
principle-based decisions.
 Use your values and principles as compass
points in making business decisions. Develop rigid standards and stick to them
because the quality of the business depends on it. Make a personal approach and
have charisma in dealing with customers, listening to what they want, making
faster decisions, remaining simple despite competing with multinationals,
ensuring high quality products, treating employees as family.
7. Be aggressive
in advertising your business. 
Your business purpose should be about
making lives of others better because you exist. People will soon notice your effort.
What you have to you to understand is that you should never give up.
8. Strive for
balance in your life.
 You are the heart and soul of your business so
take care of yourself.
9. Pray for
 As a beginner, people depend on you to make wise decisions
that will affect their lives. This great responsibility is a privilege so make
God your source of wisdom. Have a strong faith-filled approach to life. This
will be your reservoir of strength and support.
10. Use your
intelligence to make a difference!
 Develop relationships with the
community; take an active part in socio-economic activities and business
organizations. Inspire everyone in your organization to use their intelligence
to make a difference for each other, for the organization and for the country.

ARTICLE : 10 Ways ordinary people can start a business and make money