Top 6 Reasons Why New bloggers Dont Make money Blogging

Top 5 Reasons Why New bloggers Dont Make money Blogging

Blogging is now considered a very serious business, ask Jide ogunsanya of ogbongeblog, who just got married recently. If you are familiar with linda ikeji, go ask her, she will tell you vividly that there is no atom of lie in what i just said (although subject to correction).
Top bloggers around the world are making good cash from this web business, which is called blogging or content marketing or otherwise affiliate marketing and guest bloggers. 

For you to be able to  calf a niche for yourself, you need to do the extra ordinary, this simply means you need to take a bold step and do things you’ve not done before on the internet. Johnchow of and Zac Johnson of are among my most adored mentor, although i am not an affiliate marketer/promoter, but the way and manner this guys are raking in millions on the internet is worth rethinking.

Making money blogging is not as easy as you think. So many new bloggers think all you have to do is buy some little piece of information, get a domain name and hosting account. 

Thereafter you’re done. some even  operate on, and lots more and expect to start making money within the next couple of months. Honestly its not done that  way. 

Without retraction, most of the bloggers online are not making any money but claim to, some dont even have Google adsense account, but they claim to have receive earnings. be careful my friend as this can be very calamitous. Making money in the blogging biosphere requires dedication and time. if you are not ready to be consistent and dedicate your time, dont even think about it. just use the next door. 
I remember vividly how i entered into blogging after being inspired by Jide ogunsanya, Johnchow, Zac Johnson,Patt flyn etc…soon after the encounter and motivation, i baught a domain name and kick-started my blogging business. Within few weeks, i expected some money but didn’t see any, i ask lots of questions but i received words of encouragement and mostly to be consistent.

Blogging pays, but it takes time………………….

Practically speaking, with the above been said, do you really want to know why most bloggers dont make money online? Especially the new bloggers. Here is  my 6 reasons why……….

1. FAST MONEY MENTALITY: I want to say without missing words that this constitute primarily the basic reason why newbie bloggers dont make money in this blogging course. The question you should ask yourself, is why i my blogging? (i.e why i my writing content and publishing? ) Do i love what am doing, or just to engage in it for the sake of making money like the top bloggers you read about and wants to replicate them in a couple of months. LOL….Its not done that way…

 Blogging is not a fast or instant or if you like call it quick money scheme. Blogging takes time to yield. Its an investment that you need to nurture and pay more concentration to. practically you cannot start blogging and start receiving earnings within the first 5 months. Experimentally speaking, 6-12 months is the average month. some start making money after a year and most after two or three years, engrossed with series of hard-work and consistency.

 if you just blog to make moneyTop 6 Reasons Why New bloggers Dont Make money Blogging, you will definately not make any money. If you look at most Nigerian blogs, over 80% are  subsequent sales pages, just advertising series of items or products without good or readable content.

2.LACK OF CONSISTENCY: If you want to make it while blogging or in the internet, you need to be consistent. Remember, regular content posting and subsequent publishing will increase your Google and search engine ranking. 

You must be consistent, with all the time you spend on Facebook updating your profile and other nonsense stuffs, generating money for Facebook, if you dedicate that time towards writing quality post for your blogs and maintaining high rate of consistency, success will be your best friend in the blogosphere.

3. LACK OF SKILLS TO SUCCEED: If you really want to succeed online as a content writer or blogger, you need certain blogging skills, like SEO skills and how to ensure that your content and images are well optimized for proper ranking. To make money online especially from Google Adsense, you need majority of your traffic directly from Google Search results. So, properly optimizing your blog can result in a positive outcome.

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In order to make money blogging, your skills must be in order, to avoid chances of little errors, all for the sole aim of generating quality traffic which will in turn bring back money to your table.Instead of focusing on money making  with certain fast money tricks which could get you been scammed.

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4. LACK OF QUALITY CONTENT PRODUCTION: Most new bloggers get so carried away by  the successes of pro bloggers already existing online. This result in posting and subsequently publishing crab or low quality articles that attract zero level readers. Lack of quality content will make your readers never return back and decrease in traffic is certain. So engaging in publishing quality and informative article will help a lot.

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5. COPY AND PASTE WORK: Copying and pasting fellow bloggers content is a big epidemic/problem/disease most new bloggers are facing today. If you really want to last long in the blogging world, you must disease from copying others people work and directly pasting in your blog. Although, getting write up inspirations can be a problem sometimes, but notwithstanding, if you really want to assemble other writers articles to make up yours, you really have to totally rewrite everything and make it pass copy scape. Copying and pasting will decrease your search engine ranking and twat your traffic effort. So avoid it…

6. CONNECT WITH FELLOW BLOGGERS: To grow in the blogging world, you have to connect with fellow bloggers within your niche or department/faculty. With the existence of  facebook, Twitter,, bloggershelpingbloggers and other social communities online, you can connect  with ease with other bloggers in your niche of dominance. Try to remain active in these communities  and see your  traffic grow arithmetically and the traffic will be flowing to your blog, which obviously will help you in making more money with your blog.

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So my advice is for all new bloggers to stay in connect and avoid short cut because there is nothing of such in the blogging world.