A Good Service Description for Transportation Business plan

A Good Service Description for Transportation Business plan

S.S.J Motors realizes the significance of first
impressions and customer care. The company’s customer-oriented philosophy and
its commitment to service are reflected in the careful selection of drivers and
the comprehensive training program by ANAMCO.

Customers can expect the
following high standards when they travel with S.S.J transport service

•       Clean
and tidy Marcopolo buses
•       Friendly
and polite drivers
•       Well
package snacks and soft drinks for stomach satisfaction
•       Careful
•       Most
practical route taken
Maintenance/Repair Services
This division of S.S.J Motors deals with the pure
maintenance of vehicles. Mid-month and end of month servicing of buses and also
change damaged parts. Good maintenance culture is one of the qualities that
stands us out.  


a unique Global Positioning System (GPS) that pinpoints the nearing driver thus
allowing the driver to give an accurate estimated time of arrival.
RADIO SYSTEM.  Reliable communications are
essential under all circumstances. S.S.J Motors will use the latest radio
system design for high efficiency, this is  because it  will provide
multiple levels of reliability to assure communications will be maintained
under the most rigorous condition.
CREDIT/DEBIT CARD SYSTEM. S.S.J Motors will use the
in-car credit/debit card system, which is a new market segment for the
S.S.J transport company. This involves customers using their debit cards
in any paying point within designated areas with approval being given
instantly, eliminating the need to dial in to head office for approval numbers.
By using this system, the company will be addressing the need for convenience
and reliability. S.S.J Motors also features a computer-aided dispatch system
which will be represented under the Patriot name, Computer recording database
to keep records of all traveling passengers.
The benefit S.S.J Motors products and services is the high
level of technology, which leads to superior customer service. In contrast to
competitors S.S.J Motors products and services offer convenience and above all
highly inexpensive. The key pad and swipe machine are built into the back seat,
thus giving the customer privacy. Whereas competitors don’t have one, they uses
14-seater commercial buses.  Our customers will be able to get on-the-spot
approval before the driver even pulls over.

AVAILABILITY OF Wi-Fi. Customers will be on-line
throughout their stay in our buses.
ATM & POS at the Terminal. In line with
cashless policy.

Future Services

S.S.J Motors plans to respond to market needs by following
up with passengers having one disability or the other. Wheelchair accessibility
within the next 5 years. S.S.J Motors believes it can capture this niche and a
gain in overall market share. Additional plans for next generation products and
services include rent to own options for our drivers. Introduction of the
company’s next generation product and services is expected to be within 12

Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Based on our strategic location which is closer to the
International Airport, achieving high success in our first month of operation
is positively realistic without doubts. Our management team are working
effortlessly and professionally to ensure that our aim is fully achieved. We
currently have solid followers on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
accounts. We have already commenced excellent, state-of -the -art
advertising campaign with Kwara Television and Radio Media for effective reach
out to the teaming population.  Our catalytic website will be launched in
two months’ time to assist in effective delivery of service to all our esteem
passengers/customers. Passengers can visit our online platform and make
convenient bookings and payment at their leisure time.  Mobile application
will also be launched to facilitate and better assist us in satisfying our
customers from the comfort of their homes.
We based our transportation cost on a close study of all
our competitors in Kwara state. Our charges per passenger ranges from 1,500 to
4,500 which is very affordable to all. We will grow stronger and dominant by
gathering feedbacks and also open to price changes per passengers to know our
market better.

Sales Plan

S.S.J Motors is equipped with  both the manual ticket
sales system  and the credit/debit card payment option, Computer
aided services for effective passengers  record purposes and  the
Global positioning system ( GPS) which will enable the company to provide
timely service by giving an accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA). The
credit/debit card feature will give customers convenience and privacy during
the transaction period.
Our well-coordinated management team is well proficient
and to maintain productivity and smiles, each passenger is handed a well
packaged snacks, bottle water and /or soft drinks for stomach satisfaction.
This will certainly advertised S.S.J transport service and in return,
there will be in flux of customers which will bring appreciable profits for the


Locations & Facilities

S.S.J Nigeria limited is situated at No 70, Offa
Road, G.R.A, Ilorin, while the business address is situated at Lagos Road,
along Ilorin International Airport, both in Kwara State. We recently acquired
10 plots of land and the construction of the main park at the location is
ongoing. The international Airport Road is a commercial and industrial area
constantly bombarded by traffic from all areas of Ilorin. 

Equipment & Tools

All our brand new Marcopolo Mercedes Buses are from Brazil
with guarantees. S.S.J Motors intend to dominate and achieve it
success with the purchase of Tires (Wheels) directly
from Korea. Detergents, Harpics, Air fresheners, Tissue paper,
Brushes for Offices and Toilets cleaning are from Shoprite. Our
Engine Oil, Oil Filters, and Spare Parts would be purchased directly from
Marcopolo authorized representatives in Nigeria.  All with

As earlier informed, S.S.J Motors investment in the
purchase of 10 brand new Marcopolo buses is in excess of ₦900,121,230.52.With
our well experienced management team, coupled with years of experience in
 the transportation sector, the maintenance and control of equipment,
tools and facilities involve in daily operations are managed at a minimal cost
rate with high efficacy.
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