How To Make Money While Traveling Abroad

How To Make Money While Traveling Abroad
The world  is like a full page  textbook, and if you don’t travel is like reading a single page of that textbook. Everyone seems excited about traveling abroad for either short-term or long-term, but they  is always a problem, which is money.

But one of the many awesome things about long-term travel is that you’re able to pick up jobs as you go to fund your trips. Here are a few major ways that you can make money traveling the world by only working part-time and being able to spend the rest of the time traveling.

1. Teach English
This is one of the better ways to stop and make cash for long-term travel. Getting English jobs isn’t that hard and many travelers take advantage of the good cash you can make. This is very common in Asian countries like China, Korea, Japan etc. If you’re interested, there are a tons of great references and eBooks out there. What most employers require is a university degree and an English teaching certificates such as TESOL/TEFL and Daves Elscafe is one of the best resource to start with. Within three to four weeks, your certificate will be ready. Most services offer job placement as well, so its  not difficult getting a job placement. What seems more directional is that native speakers of English get upper hand in this process. citizens from countries like US,UK,SWITZERLAND,SOUTH AFRICA etc.Although intending teachers from other countries get similar opportunity, but must have an English teaching certificate such as TESOL and TEFL.
2. Work At a Hostel
Hostels are always looking for part-time assistance, where they can use someone to do cleaning or mind the desk for a few hours a day. Picking up a few weeks of work at a hostel could fund another few months of travel and the extra time you spend in that area you can use to learn the more intimate details about the areas you’re staying in.
3. Freelance Writing
If you’re very comfortable with writing quality stories, presentable ideas. Freelance writing is a great way to make good money while traveling abroad. Honestly, people love reading traveling stories and getting travel advice, so you might as well spend a few hours a week writing and getting paid for it! There are tons of online and print publishers that are willing to pay you for your work and you don’t have to be the best writer either since there are editing teams who can help you out.
4. Work On a WWOOF Farm
Through companies like WWOOF you can pick up a 4 to 6 hour shifts on a farm and can even get a free place to crash and a free meal a day. With World Wide
Organization of Organic Farms, you can travel to diverse countries
and work freely on organic farms.Most importantly, you can exchange food, clothing and
housing with the corresponding hosting family.This method is becoming more and more popular lately. Just make sure to do a lot of research on the people you will be going through to make sure they have your best interests in mind.
5. Sell Goods Online
The chances are that you know at least one thing better than most people and because of that you can create a merchandise to sell. If you feel that you don’t, you can always learn something new. Creating digital products is the best way to go since there are no hassles attached and no production costs, but you can also sell physical products and pay warehouses to store and ship your product for you at your convinience
6. Have a Blog
Bloggers are now getting extra rich these days, frankly, Setting up a blog takes a lot of work but it’s worth it, in the long run. I don’t just mean a Tumblr either, not that there is anything wrong with them, they are just hard to monetize. With blogs you can run affiliate links to products you love and sell your own products like books and merchandise. You can also run  Google Adsense ads.There are also tons of similar pay per click websites to make good money integrating their ads on your blog. like infolinks, bidvertisers,bing ads etc.
7. Work Remotely
If you’ve read “The 4-Hour Work Week” or anything else by Tim Feriss, you definitely know that working away from the office and on the beach in some pristine paradise is possible. It’s all about taking that lunge and telling your boss that you want to work from a computer. It won’t work with every job, but it should with most office jobs.
8. Bartending
Working at a bar can be a cool way to spend a few weeks as you’re trying to increase your savings. They make great tips, you’re able to meet a ton of locals, and with so many bars in the world finding a job at one is definitely possible.
9. Cruise Ship
This is a great way to travel the world from a unique perspective. Cruise ships are always looking for new employees to man their massive ships. There are also other ways to travel on water by working on people’s personal vessels through
10. National Parks
If you’re interested in traveling by RV, working at parks is a great way to fund your trip. You’ll get a small wage and you may even be able to park your RV there for free with hookups. Many parks will want you to work there for the entire season though, so this working at parks may not benefit everyone who wants to travel by RV.