Top 10 Dangerous Skin Diseases To Avoid

Top 10 Dangerous Skin Diseases To  Avoid

Skin diseases are rampant in recent days. It mostly result from the cloths we wear or through physical contact. Most of us take it for granted and we believe that our skin is functioning well , but for those whose skin refuses to function well ,life can be like hell to them .They don’t have rest of mind . And the range at which skin diseases spread is staggering .Some dangerous skin diseases like harlequin ichthyosis can be life threatening in their extremity, unlike others which can be easily managed. So many individual are unaware that the skin is the largest organ in the body.
It separates the inner body from the outer body , and it protects you from some harmful diseases like bacteria .
Skin diseases are one of the hard conditions to live with, it can bring frustration to someone’s life and it can also lead to high blood pressure. Majority of skin disease lead to disfigurement. It can change the natural body of an individual and it can cause scarring. Now, lets look at the top ten most dangerous skin diseases ;

1…HARLEQUIN ICHTHYOSIS: It is mostly found in new born babies as it affects them most. It is a rare skin disease which people are of the opinion that it is caused by gene mutation . And it results to death within 72 hours of child delivery . This skin disease is one of the deadliest skin disease on earth which if not properly taken care , can lead to death . Another symptom of this disease is it causes the skin to dry out and form something like hard plague which takes the shape of a diamond .

2..EPIDERMOLYSIS BULLOSA : It is on the class of hereditary skin disease which has a range of severity . Some of the symptoms of this skin disease is that it cause the skin to blister with only a single touch . People that have this kind of disease will suffer things like glistering of the mouth and esophagus . More appearance of this skin disease can lead the toes and fingers to fuse , thus giving the appearance of webbing . Another symptoms is scares coming out of the body . And one of the things that make this skin disease to be deadly is that there is no cure for this disease yet . To prevent this disease from spreading more further , those that are affected by it must get their food through a feed tube to avoid distress to the esophagus .

3..EHLERS- DANLOS SYNDROME : This skin disease is hereditary by nature . And it can be caused by changes /abnormalities in the collagen . Some of the symptoms of this disease is that it causes the skin to be extremely stretchy . People that are affected by this disease will suffer from tissue weakness i.e there body tissue will be weak and cannot function fully . They also suffer from easy bruising i.e their skin will be too soft . Sometimes , weak joint is also some of the symptoms of this disease .

NOTE: The treatment of this disease depends on the type that the individual has. Some can be cured while others cannot be cured .

4..METHICILLIN-RESISTANT STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS (MRSA) : Another dangerous skin disease which is called the “super bug” . At the initial state of contacting this disease , there is something like red bumps . These bumps look alike to pimples or bug bites . One of the symptoms of this disease is that once it enters the body , it can cause infections in the heart , lungs , bones , joint and also blood . The treatment of this disease is by surgery or using some antibiotics .

5…TOXIC EPIDERMAL NECROLYSIS(TEN) : Comes as a result of severe allergic reaction . Some of the symptoms of this disease is that it comes with a skin rash which covers the skin and it ends up killing the uppermost layer of skin . Records have it that more than a quarter of people that is suffering from this disease , dies from some type of infections .

6..BASAL CELL CARCINOMAS AND SQUAMOUS CELL : Like the name sound , it is a form of skin cancer . Basal cell carcinomas is said to occur in the basal layer of the skin . One dangerous symptom of this disease is that it damages the tissue which causes scarring . But in squamous cell carcinomas , it forms the skin which surrounds the internal organs . This deadly disease kills thousands of people annually.

7..SCLERODERMA : Like ehlers –danlos syndrome , it also causes abnormal growth of connective tissue . The skin becomes strong and tight . Then scar tissue will now form on the skin and other organs of the body . The symptom of this disease is that it can cause the lung and heart tissue to thicken and its resultant effect is death.

8..PEMPHIGUS : This is yet another disease that is harmful to the body . It is on the class of chronic skin diseases. The symptom of this disease is open sores which can lead the person to contact infections . And another thing is that it can lead to lung diseases . Unlike some other skin diseases that do not have cure , pemphigus can be cured with medication . Treatment also include antibiotics and other medications as prescribed by the doctor.

9…LEISHMANIASIS : Another disease that spreads out easily . It is believed to have infected 12 million people and it is also considered to be endemic . It can spread easily through sand fly bites which transfers the skin disease . One major symptom of this skin disease is that it causes skin lesions and it also attacks the liver and other sensitive organs of the body .

10…HERPES GLADIATORUM OR SCRUMPOX : It is mostly caused by a strain of the herpes virus . Some symptoms of this disease include sore throat, blister on the face, arm neck and legs. This disease can lead to death if not properly taken care .

These and many more are some of the deadly skin diseases that can be found in the world today . Other skin diseases include ; acne, eczema , hives , impetigo , melanoma , moles , psoriasis, rashes , rosacea , skin cancer , wrinkles and many more . Learn to keep your body neat and avoid staying in an unhealthy environment so as not to contact these diseases.

Contributor: Adam Johnson, Health expert and consultant at Healthgist limited