Top 10 Vitamins For a Healthy Life

Top Ten Vitamins For A Healthy Life

Additionally, numerous researches have proven
it to be true, and when you’re continually consuming food substances or diets
that are rich in fruits, vegetables and other equipped food substances, you
will surely get all the nutrients you desire .We all know that vitamins and
minerals are the key essential nutrients that the body need for a healthy
growth .Their absence can result to severe illness. Vitamins are what nourishes
the body and it helps to build a healthy life.

 VITAMIN A : It helps to the  boosts immune systems,
improves vision, cuts risk of heart disease, and may slow skin aging. It is
good for a healthy eyes and general growth and development, including healthy
teeth and skin. And it is gotten from Carrots and other orange foods including
sweet potato and cantaloupe melons – all of which get their hue from the
carotene pigment.

NOTE:  Skip the
supplements if you’re a smoker, and try to get your beta-carotene from fruits
and veggies, whether you smoke or not.

VITAMIN B: It  helps to  maintain metabolism, muscle tone, and a sharp
mind. Mostly essential for young women is B9 (folic acid), which keeps red
blood cells healthy and guards against cancer and birth defects. It is also
good for energy production, immune function and iron absorption. It can be
found in whole unprocessed foods, specifically whole grains, potatoes, bananas,
lentils, chilli peppers, beans, yeast and molasses.

VITAMIN C : One of the essential nutrients for a healthy living
which helps to  boost the immune system
and it also helps to prevent heart disease, prenatal problems, and eye illnesses.
It  helps in rapid wound healing .This much-touted
vitamin is  found in citrus fruits,
berries, broccoli, and green peppers, but remember that it  doesn’t make the grade when it comes to
common-cold prevention. It is good to take a vitamin A supplement, especially
if you’re a smoker or non-smoker who stays in an environment prone to air
pollution . But there seems to be little point in upping your intake to combat
sniffling and coughing. It also helps in strengthening blood vessels and giving
skin its true nature, anti-oxidant function and iron absorption.  

VITAMIN D : This vitamin 
helps the body to absorb calcium, and it is good for a healthy bone. You
can get it  through sun exposure,
and  not food. Small of this vitamin can
contribute to osteoporosis and rickets in children. Some  people have come to the conclusion  that this vitamin may reduce the risk of type
1 and 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

VITAMIN E : It helps in  Blood circulation, and protection from easily
moving radicals and you can get it through some rich foods like  the mighty almond or others . You can also
see it  on other nuts, sunflower seeds
and tomatoes to harness the benefits.

VITAMIN K : This vitamin dissolves in fat and can be stored
in the body . It is one of the essential vitamins that the body needs .It is
good for  blood coagulation – i.e, the
way by which your blood clots or for. It can be found in   green leafs 
– so try and eat lots of kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

IRON : Too little of this mineral can spell anemia – i.e ,a
lack of red blood cells and a weakened immune system. Iron is also
“particularly important for women with heavy periods .
FOLIC ACID:  It  prevents neural tube defects such as spina
bifida in babies, and is found in fortified breakfast cereal, dark green
vegetables, legumes, citrus fruit juice, bread, and pasta.

CALCIUM : It is found in bones of some animal. Our bodies
need calcium—which are usually found in dairy products like milk, yogurt, and
cheese—it helps to maintain healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis . The
mineral also helps build strong teeth and nourishes your nervous system.

ZINC : This provides
Immunity, growth and fertility. It is found in seafoods like oysters are also
zinc-rich, along with spinach, cashews, beans .

CHROMIUM :It is good for 
glucose function – it ensures every cell in your body gets energy as and
when needed for healthy growth.

These are the top
ten vitamins that helps for a healthy living . Regular intake of this vitamins will help immensely in reducing and possibly eliminating illnesses . It will help to prevent infections.However, other vitamins which are essential for a healthy living include beta
carotene , multi vitamins potassium, selenium etc.