How To Attract New Customers On Low Budget

How To Attract New Customers On Low Budget
are the livewire of any business, therefore how do you attract new customers
with limited or no budget. According to Dan Laufer, the Chief Executive Officer
(CEO) of the rental review website RentLingo, who oversaw his company’s growth
from 100,000 in 2013 to 150,000 monthly by December 2014 with the aid of
promotional methods with little or no cost, you don’t require a big marketing
budget to swiftly attract new customers to your business.

 The most successful
businesses know how to get more customers or users in a cost effective way.
What is the best way to publicize your business? What are the secrets you need
to implement to move ahead of competition? How can you be able to get more
customers in a profitable way? Promoting a business is a continuous challenge
for every business and start-ups as well as established businesses must
overcome the battle of acquiring new customers. Here is a detailed look at ten
evident and non-evident ways through which you can get your business promoted
with little or no cash outlay thereby attracting new customers. Customers
rather than products make a business:
1. Begin
with a plan
–  Writing an effective business master  plan for your new business is fundamental, yes it is.The most important feature of every marketing plan is the
customer. Who is your customer? Your answer will have a huge bearing on
proceedings henceforth. If you give an indefinite answer, there is a good
possibility that your business will fail. How specific you can be will go a
long way to determine how the foundation of your marketing plan will work out.
You must
answer the following questions about your customers:
Who is your
customer? Consumer or Business?
consumer- sex, what age (old, young, or child that doesn’t work), male female,
education, level of education, income etc.
If business
– what industry (what sic codes)? What location? How many employees? Years in
business? Size of revenue?
How do they
reach their buying decision?
products they currently purchase?
influences them?
industry events that they do attend?
How their
purchasing decisions are influenced?
websites that they visit?
Their favorite social media accounts?
2. Take
advantage of your real estate
– You can display signs and banners around your
building and surrounding land or sidewalk. Always remember to use your vehicles
as moving billboards. Take note: Images and accompanying messages should be
centred on what you’re selling rather than your company name.
3. Promote
your business each time you speak directly or indirectly
– Apart from your
business cards, there are other documents that play a major role for you in the
course of doing business. Examine these to ensure you make use of your
promotional capabilities to the fullest. Do you have your business name,
contact information, which includes your web address, slogan, logo situated on
every of your correspondence? All the documents, whether electronic or printed,
that is used during the course of your business must have a letterhead
accompanied with your company information. Make sure that your email contains a
complete signature that involves a promotional tag-line and all your business
information. Adding section with links for social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others for recipient to connect through them
can also be helpful.
4. Create a
– Create a buzz over your product and/or service so that it will
eventually go viral. The best and most effective way to create the buzz is
through outstanding customer service. Be rest assured that if you treat your
customers with respect, high regard and patience, many people will hear that
your business is a reputable brand for business transactions via the word of
mouth. The lack of the required customer service has led to the collapse of
many businesses.
5. Social
media as a promotional engine for your business
– Social media accounts like Instagram,Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are great promotional ways for your business. You might be wondering how this can help, especially instagram, in your new business. Before you embark on using social media for promotion, be sure to create a
social media plan to serve as your guide. In addition to this, create a fan
page on Facebook, learn how to promote your business via Twitter and if you are
adept with videos or have someone then you can record video promotions that
talks extensively about your products and/or services so that you can post them
on YouTube.
– Whether you are conscious about it or not, there is no doubt that
the more people you are able to tell about your business – the more business
you’ll generate. There are numerous established networking opportunities that
you can take advantage of therefore choose the one that is best suited to your
business and be ready to experiment with a few in order to locate the right
networking clique.
7. Press
– Sending out press releases is another great way to get some
attention and promotion to your business. The reason behind using press
releases as a catalyst for promoting your business is due to the fact that
your press release includes newsworthy information, engaging enough to stir the
interest of people in your business. Did you expand your business recently? Was
a new product recently introduced to your business? Have you done some
promotional activity like sponsoring a charity event of late? Did you or your
company recently received an award? All of these are examples of
“newsworthy information” that you can you can take advantage of so as
to get some free business promotion. Press releases can be published in two
ways namely in print or online.  
Affiliate marketing
– An affiliate will get his/her commission for referring
their visitors to your business. Normally, you will get free users from those
who discover your business through your affiliates’ blogs.
9. Promote
your business by giving a seminar or presentation
– Since you have a special
skill others are interested in you can share that expertise and promote your
business as well. For example, a local carpet company publicizes a free seminar
on installation techniques for a laminate flooring type. Participants/Attendees
are given special discount prices on buying laminate flooring in addition to
learning how to install it themselves. You can still conduct a seminar or
presentation on a related topic if there’s no direct link to your product
and/or service.

10. Organize an event – Organize a socially responsible event such as a marathon or
race for a trending cause. With this, participants and sponsors are introduced
to your business or service.