Top 7 Amazing Foods That Fights Cancer

Top 7 Amazing Foods That Fights Cancer

Cancer can be described as a class of distinct diseases which are characterized by the uncontrollable growth of malignant cells. There are almost 100 different types of cancer and each one is classified by the initial effectiveness of the cell type.
This disease harms the body when cells uncontrollably divide to form masses or lumps called tumors. But in the case of leukemia, cancer alters cell division in blood stream causing problems in blood functionality. Tumors on the other side can grow and interfere in the functionality of digestion, circulatory system or nervous system. They can also release some kind of hormones that can alter the functionality of body. Tumours that stay at one point and show limited growth are generally termed as benign. One of the most malignant and dangerous forms of tumors are of two types:

1. A cancerous form of tumor that travels through blood throughout the body or lymphatic systems, destroying the body’s healthy tissues in a process known as invasion.
2. The cells of the body divide and grow; creating new blood vessels just to feed itself through a process called angiogenesis.
When these tumors successfully grow and spreads through the different parts of the body, along with destroying and invading the healthy tissues, it is clearly said to have metastasized. Such a process is known as metastasis and the result of this process is a severe condition that is quite
difficult to treat. The treatment of cancer at last stage is still under different processes and not so successful but if this disease is diagnosed early than a few home based tips and prayers can certainly change face of this disease towards a defeat. Following is a list of different food and its intake can cause the disease to die and will help the person to fight back.

Green tea is one of the famous beverages that can help out in reducing the risk of having cancer. The different compounds present in green tea such as
catechins, EGCG, derivatives and epicatechin reduces the development of
cancerous cells. Its consumption can also help you to prevent free radicals from damaging the body cells. According to a study,people consuming green tea showed positive effects on gastrointestinal, lung,breast and prostate
cancer. However more studies are still underway.
Keep a daily routine of drinking about 3 to 4 cups of green tea to absorb its anti-cancerous benefits. Green tea extracts can also be taken after doctor’s advice.

Eating broccoli can reduce the risk of having cancer.
This is a cruciferous vegetable that contains different compounds called glucosinolates that are responsible of producing protective enzymes inside the body. One of such enzymes is sulforaphane that helps to flush out cancer-causing chemicals and reduces the risk of its occurrence. It also targets the growth of stem cells that are the main of tumor. Broccoli is very effective e in the treatment of breast, lung, mouth, liver, esophageal, bladder and stomach
cancer. Eat about 2-3 cups of broccoli either boiled or steamed, three
times a week.

Intake of ginger can also help to reduce the risk of having various types of cancer. Its antioxidant properties prevent the
growth of dangerous cancerous cells. According to a medical journal, ginger has a unique ability to combat the dangers of ovarian cancer. It helps in blocking the cancerous growth and limits the ability to spread in the body. It is also
very effective in preventing prostate cancer. This superfood can also prevent from having lung, breast, and skin, colorectal and pancreatic cancers.
One has to drink about 2 to 3 cups of dried ginger tea daily including this food in daily cooking also. Ginger supplements can also be taken after doctor’s consultation.

This is one of the juicy fruits that contain lycopene which is a very powerful antioxidant and helps fight cancer.
Lycopene is a compound that improves one’s immunity system and protects the body cells from any damage. It also halts the abnormal growth of cancerous cells. In addition to all this, it is a rich source of vitamin A, C and E which protects the body from any damage by preventing free-radicals.

According to recent study, men who consume more raw or cooked tomatoes were less prone to prostate cancer.
Keeping slices of tomatoes on eyes can prevent under eye circles and will also soothe the puffiness. Eat about 1 cup of sliced tomatoes on daily basis to prevent the risk from having cancer.

Blueberry is a fruit that is rich in cancer fighting antioxidants and phytonutrients. These berries prevent free-radicals and neutralize them that can damage the cells of the body and may cause any type of cancer. They are also loaded with vitamin K and C, dietary fiber and manganese which can also lower the cause of having cancer.
Blueberries are popularly known as the anti-cancer fruit and its consumption reduces the risk of having lungs, mouth, ovarian, breast, skin, liver, prostate and colon cancer. Make a routine of eating a bowl of fresh blueberries to reduce the risk of this life threatening disease.

Garlic is ordinarily a kind of superfood that contains sulfur as well as other vital nutrients such as flavonoids, arginine, oligosaccharides and selenium, these all are beneficial to reduce the high risk of having various types of cancer. Regular consumption of garlic lowers the progress
of cancerous cell growth in the body. According to a study, there is protective relationship between raw garlic consumption and lung cancer. To fight cancer and reduce its risk, add garlic into your daily meals. Raw garlic can also be consumed for effective results.

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that is rich in lutein, an antioxidant that plays a vital role in fighting against cancer. In addition to all these, the carotenoids and zeaxanthin in spinach prevents the body from having free-radicals. The fiber, vitamin A, folate and beta-carotene in spinach also play a powerful role in preventing cancer. Regular intake of this vegetable can protect from having lungs, mouth, ovarian, breast, skin, colorectal and stomach cancers. Eat about 1 cup of boiled or steamed spinach for few weeks. You can also add this vegetable in daily soups, salads and other savory dishes. 
As this vegetable is high oxalic acid, it can prevent the body from absorbing calcium and iron. Always have a glass of orange or tomato juice when you eat spinach. If you are on an oxalate-restricted diet than avoid eating spinach.