Writing Job For Windows 10 Passionate Writer

Writing Job For Windows 10 Passionate Writer

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If you are interested in Windows 10 or simply love the world’s most used operating system, then we might have a nice job for you!

Our website is growing rapidly and we’re looking for our next awesome colleagues.

PLEASE, don’t apply to this job if you believe you are going to get a top salary, be aware that while this job pays good, we’re not in the oil business here. Saying this because this doesn’t pay hundreds of dollars per article, so let’s not waste each other’s time with this.


The perfect candidate needs to meet the following:

– A person who knows what “technology blogger” means and has worked in the online environment before.
– Latest Windows 10 version is a big plus, as well as being passionate about this.
– We are looking for anybody who is passionate about Windows as a whole and just likes to write about that or someone else who is more into technical stuff and evergreen content.
– SEO, WordPress, fast internet connection, being available for an increased workload on certain days >>> all these will be deciding factors.
– Perfect English goes without saying. We don’t require you to be native, but your master of English needs to be outstanding. Please don’t apply otherwise.
– We need somebody who is on time, requires very little editing and if you are fast, then this is another reason to get you in. of course, we appreciate those who write long and complex stories, don’t you worry!


We aren’t able to pay amounts like the really big websites do, so let’s keep it under normal conditions. Only if you are really experienced, you will be able to make a really nice amount, but otherwise the rates are according to the market.

However, we will make sure to pay the candidates which get approved, at least in the initial phase, as early as they want, but gradually we will move towards a monthly payment.

We are very serious about this job posting, so please take it seriously, as well. Good luck!
How to apply

1 – MAKE SURE you did read EVERYTHING that is stated above. Don’t waste our time if you don’t meet the requirements. We are looking for a specific candidate here, so don’t assume that you might “get lucky” if you apply just for fun. Do it responsibly.

2 – send an email to [email protected] describing the following:
a) your past experience and where else have you worked, as well as what you have achieve. basically, anything you can brag about.
b) Name, age, where you live
c) how many article you wanna write per day and what type – news or technical articles.
d) sample article would be great, so if you wanna surprise us with something original, go ahead. if not, we will give you a first assignment, which will be paid, obviously.

3 – if we think you are a suitable candidate, we will get in touch as soon as we can.

Posted on: 08/05