How To Use WhatsApp To Make Money

Brian Acton and Jan Koum were the two brains behind WhatsApp existence. WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging app that enables users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free using a supported mobile device.

Today, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app despite competition from others such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Allo, developed recently by Google.

For those who are business inclined, WhatsApp can be a channel for you to expand your horizon. You can use WhatsApp in a way that can help you generate a substantial amount of cash. How true is it?

How To Use WhatsApp To Make Money

Practical Ways of Monetizing WhatsApp

WhatsApp monetization in this context doesn’t mean displaying ads or whatsoever similar to it. It simply means ways you can use WhatsApp beyond the normal chat stuff and use it to earn.

You Can Use WhatsApp to Organize Training or Seminars

This year a few months back, I and a fellow blogger organized an online training on Mastering the act of blogging and blog monetization. This training took place in a WhatsApp group. It wasn’t a free training, people who were interested in it paid for it.

Now ask yourself, how can you also do the same? If you are into information marketing and the sales of ebooks or videos seemed not to be profitable as before, then you should you try WhatsApp by creating a group. You can do virtually any training on WhatsApp. What you need is a reliable internet connection, your smartphone or PC and you are good to go.

The benefits of doing training or seminars on WhatsApp is that anyone no matter the location can be a participant. There is no cost of transportation or the cost of renting a venue. Participants can go back any time to read the information as long the group is not deleted.

You Can Use WhatsApp To Send News Stories And Get Paid

There are some news websites that want the public to send them authentic eyewitness news which will include the photos/video and they will pay you an amount if the story is published. Make use of such opportunities.

You Can Use WhatsApp For Marketing

Whether it is content marketing or product marketing, WhatsApp can be a good medium to reach more people. Create a broadcast list and then send your information. Do not send offensive content, else, you will be blocked permanently by the recipient.

Do you have any other method(s) you can use WhatsApp to make money? if yes, please do share by leaving a comment.