How I Earned $20,000 Online In A Month Doing Nothing

Forbes! Earned $20,000 online in a month doing nothing? I’m convinced that someone wants to earn such amount of money online with little or no effort.

The title of this post ‘how I earned $20,000 online in a month doing nothing’ is similar to titles you see online when people want to sell make money information or want people to join to a business or a scheme. Well, some are genuine while others are proven to be a scam or questionable ventures. This is not the avenue to start mentioning such businesses or schemes.

How I Earned $20,000 Online In A Month Doing Nothing

If you are still eager to learn how I earned $20,000 online in a month doing nothing, then read further.

Money is good, money pays the bills but the extreme love of money is a big snare. So many people want to make money at all cost just to live a life of luxury. Sadly, many people don’t bother how they tend to make money as long they don’t shed blood. You often hear the saying “Did I kill a person?” They believe in the ‘make money and enjoy your life while you are alive and die later. But is that all there is to life? There are dire consequences of desperation to make money by all means.

The Outcome Of Trying To Make Money At All Cost

Destroys Good Relationship With The Almighty

Many will say money is evil. That is not true. What is evil is the love of money, the desire to get it at all cost. Anyone desperate to be rich can never remain innocent. That is exactly what the Holy Book says. If you are a true believer, you wouldn’t doubt that.

So true are those words today! Many people have soiled their hands and destroyed their good reputation all for the sake of wanting to make money by all means. They engaged in dishonest and sharp practices. They cheat their employers and clients without any troubled conscience. No remorseful attitude and no desire to turn away from dishonesty. If you truly value your relationship with the Almighty, you must be wary of ways you handle money matters.


Best friends are turning to strangers or enemies. Why so? All for the extreme desire to make money at all cost. Some people cherish money so much that they are ready to break ties with their close friends. They don’t mind to backstab their friends as long as they become rich.


So many cases of disloyalty among the religious group, family members, and business partners all in the name of trying to make money by all means. Too bad today that this generation breeds ladies who will quit their marriages if their husbands experience financial difficulties. People abandon their good friends just because they have found someone new who makes more money.

I’m 100% sure that many people reading this post are doing so because of the title. And if I show them prove of $20,000 earning, many will be sending me messages on WhatsApp and BBM. My Facebook inbox will be filled messages as “Boss show me the way”, “How did you do it?” My phone will be ringing. People who don’t talk to me will begin to claim friendship or relationship that never existed. The ones that have stopped talking to me will come back acting like they have been the busiest humans on planet earth.

Victim of Scam

Anyone can be scammed but 90% of people who fall for scams are greedy people. They want the quick and easy route to make money and as such fraudsters take advantage of them. As people’s extreme love of money increases, the easier it is to scam and succeed. The title of this post alone could make many become victim of a scam if I have wanted to defraud them.

Are you disappointed that there is no way I earned $20,000 online monthly doing nothing? lol.

Anyway please know that experience is never a good teacher. Do not fall for a scam before you identify legitimate business and fraudulent ones. Never destroy your conscience because of money. Do not lose a good relationship with the Almighty because of money. Never betray or abandon your friends or family because of money. May the Almighty continue to bless our labor.