How to measure your penile size correctly

If you want to measure your penile size correctly, all you have to do is be confident. Penis size is mostly the cause for concern for  almost all men.

How to  Accurately Measure Your Penis Size

If you want to measure your penile size correctly, all you have to do is be confident. Penis size is mostly the cause for concern for  almost all men.

 It is simultaneously the main subject of dubious research into male genitalia inaccurate measurements that usually come from self-report studies, are often picked up by bloggers and media, who misrepresent the findings as having empirical value.

In order to accurately measure your penis size, you must have an erect penis. A limp penis will not give you the full penis size. How you choose to accomplish this task is up to you.

Even when being truthful, many men mistake how penis size should be measured and measure it incorrectly. By doing this men distort their perception of their own and the average penis size. We will attempt to challenge these errors and provide a guide to measuring penile dimensions correctly. Without any doubt, after reading this article, you will confidently know how to measure your penis size correctly.

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Be that as it may, you can’t move any further in measuring your penis estimate until your penis has accepted the correct position.

Measure Penis Length 

Begin off by measuring the length of your penis. Utilize a ruler or measuring tape and position it at the base of your penis, where it appends to your body. Try to press into the pubic bone similarly as you can on the grounds that fat can really shroud the length of your penis. Measure your penis length by stamping to what extent it is from the base, the distance to the end of the tip.

Next, you’ll measure your penis’ bigness, that is, the outline or thickness. For this progression, utilize a bit of string (or something comparable) or a delicate measuring tape. Tenderly wrap the string one time around the thickest part of the pole/body of your erect penis. Check where the string meets, then measure the string separation with a ruler. 

You could likewise do a similar thing with the delicate measuring tape, and simply stamp the estimation once you stretch around the penis.

You may likewise need to know the width or distance across of your penis since a few condoms give this estimation. You can decide your penis width or breadth by taking the size estimation you got and separating it by 3.14. The number you get subsequent to doing this is the width of your penis.


So I Measured My Penis – What’s the Average Penis Size?
Presently you have a smart thought of your penis estimate, you can contrast it and the normal penis measure.

Regularly, the normal erection has a penis length of around 5.5 to 6.3 inches (139.7 to 160.02 mm). The normal penis bigness goes between 4.5 to 5.1 inches (114.3 to 129.54 mm), and the normal width is around 1.4 to 1.6 inches (35.56 to 40.64 mm).

On the off chance that your penis size is near these midpoints, then a standard size condom ought to give you the most exact fit. 

Twofold Check Your Penis Size
To get the most exact estimation of your penis measure, you ought to rehash the above strides at various times for the duration of the day more than a few days. Penis size can fluctuate because of push, exhaustion, recurrence of sexual action and excitement levels.