How to Become a Guider on MMM United | MMMUnited Guider Application

I Want to Become an MMM United Guider. How the Hell I’m I Suppose to go About the Application?

OK Mate,…

Before I begin, I must let you know the criteria for becoming an MMM United Guider.

CRITERIA: You must have 5 direct referrals and a team size of 10 participants. All the 10 participants must have PH confirmed!

To Apply: First, go to the MMM United homepage (don’t sign in)

Click the ‘NEWS’ tab on the left-hand Sidebar

Then,… Navigate to the last Page on the NEWS panel (you’ll see a link to the MMM United Guider Application form).

Why Not Just Give Me a Direct Link to the Form? Do you think I have Time to Waste?

Calm down dear,… 

OK… I’m on the MMM United Guider Application Form Page… Is there anything you want to Tell Me? Or you want me to Be Looking at You Somehow?


There are many fields you have to fill on the form before submission. They are;

  • Name (As Per System Record) – Compulsory
  • Email (As Per System Record) – Compulsory
  • Phone Number (As Per System Record) – Compulsory
  • Country (As Per System Record) – Compulsory
  • Skype – Compulsory
  • Facebook Profile Link (Compulsory)


  • You must ‘Like’ the Official MMM United Facebook Page (then tick the appropriate box to confirm that you did).
  • You must Give the MMM United Facebook Page a 5 Star rating, and write a Positive review. Then,… You take a Screenshot of your review, upload the Screenshot anywhere online (e.g, Your Facebook timeline,  blog, or Image hosting site); and then Submit the image’s URL on the MMM United Guider Application form.
  • You must create an MMM United Global Appeal Video – Record yourself either with your Webcam or a Video camera. 

How to Record the MMM United Global Appeal Video:

  • You must show your face and look directly into the Camera/Webcam (screencasts are not allowed)
  • Introduce yourself by mentioning your name and country.

N.B: You should hold a paper or cardboard with the inscription, ‘’ while recording yourself (not compulsory).

  • The video SHOULD NOT be more than one and half minutes long!
  • Start the video by greeting your viewers in your Country’s native language
  • Then, tell them about MMM United, how they should join the community and enjoy 100% Mavro on their ‘Provide Help’ donations etc (the main talk in your video should be in English).
  • Finally, greet them again in your Country’s native language.

Then, upload the video to Youtube with a title such as, ‘MMM United Global Appeal Video (*country*)’.

Next,… Submit the URL link of your YouTube video, on the MMM United Guider Application form
Tick the remaining boxes, and Click ‘SUBMIT’.

How Long Will it Take for My Application to be Accepted (in case I qualify?)

It takes at least, 10 days!

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