Heritage Bank Touches Aspects Of Life

Heritage bank is a young bank but what the bank has achieved in the shortest time is highly commendable. Many are of the notion that a bank’s fundamental purpose is to keep depositors’ monies.

Truly, depositors monies are safe with Heritage bank but is keeping such funds all there is?

There is more worth knowing about Heritage bank. First of all, the bank acts like a life-saver. It saved Societe Generale bank and Enterprise bank. This means that all customers of the respective banks had their funds saved. That is why big guns like Dangote and Rano Oil are customers of Heritage bank.

Heritage Bank Touches Aspects Of Life

Heritage bank supports SMEs. The bank has a youth scheme of about 1500 customers on the NYSC scheme. On the National Youth Council Joint Programmer, Heritage bank has over 50,000 customers currently.

Heritage bank has a school feeding programme in Kaduna state. The bank also has a farming youth programme in Rivers State that caters for close to 50,000 youths.

Heritage bank has a network of supermarkets, City Supermarkets, which just came up and which is being put together from the scratch.
The bank nurtured these from the corner shops and today they are established in about five places.

The NEXT Titan is an initiative by Heritage bank to raise excellent future entrepreneurs. YIEDP stands for Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Programme. The Programme is aimed at harnessing the latent entrepreneurial spirit among the teeming youths by providing timely and affordable loans to implement their business ideas. And once again, Heritage bank is proudly involved in YIEDP.

How many banks actually accomplished more than this at their first few years of establishment? With Heritage Bank, you can boldly say “I am proud of my Heritage.”