MMM United is Back! Welcome Back MMM United

MMM United is Back! Welcome Back MMM United
MMM United is Back! Welcome Back MMM United
Is MMM United back? If that is your question, kindly Read this….Sequel to the incessant and troubling messages from the participants of MMM United, jaysciencetech is presenting this official letter from MMM United.Here it Reads

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Dear Participants,
First of all please forgive us for keeping silence for last few days. We understand that silence is hard to bear sometimes, especially when you need communication desperately. To be very honest we ourselves were confused considering current situation and we had very little to tell you. So we decided to clarify things first and then come to you with something concrete to talk about.
So the update is…Yes, dispatcher was on hold and lot of technical work was going on. This has caused due to two main reasons.
1. MMM Official (Run by honorable Mr. Sergey Mavrodi and team) in Nigeria is facing some legal issues created by Nigerian government. So lots of our Nigerian friends (Who are unaware of the fact that MMM United is totally independent entity and it has nothing to do with MMM Official) have panicked and requested every penny out of the system.
2. Our servers once again collapsed due to heavy traffic.
Guys, please go through our website first before participating. We have clearly stated that MMM United is not part of MMM Official and any of its national structure. We follow ideology of MMM but we are completely different entity. MMM Official has no global structure after MMM Global shut down. MMM United is one single global structure of MMM participants who wanted to work as a single structure team. Don’t confuse us with MMM Official. So when MMM Official has some ongoing legal battles with government, it doesn’t mean that MMM United is in trouble. It’s that simple! It’s not cool to panic and withdraw everything fearing that MMM United is gonna crash. We were in a great shape until our Nigerian brothers and sisters suddenly wanted to cash out everything overnight. Please try to understand the simple mathematics behind this giant idea called MMM. We participants help each other with the help of TIME as an instrument. We request to get help when we require but if you try to withdraw everything overnight out of some fear or rumors, despite being a strong system, it will collapse.
So yes, dispatcher was on hold for your own good because we were not prepared for Nigerian crisis and unresponsive servers at the same time. See guys, this is not the first time that we are facing technical error. We have facing these issues since day one but did that ever stop us from paying you on time? No. This time it is different. We are losing the KEY and the key is our UNITY. Remember? United we stand, divided we fall… Ring any bells??? Come on guys….We are family, let’s act like one. The very idea of MMM United was to unite MMM participants worldwide to create one single global structure. Our UNITY was our strength and we were pretty much successful in delivering what we promised on August 11 2016 when we became operational. But what was the point? We panicked because MMM Official in just one country declared PAUSE MODE?? We understand that honorable Mr. Sergey Mavrodi has such credibility that even a small step taken by him impacts millions of mindsets around the world. That’s why we respect him like no other person on earth. He is a living legend, may he live forever. But let us take this opportunity to remind you that Mr. Mavrodi warned us repeatedly about CHAOS AND PANIC as well. He always says that if we panic based on some rumors and negative news, system crash is inevitable. Though he is not involved in MMM United but as a follower of his life altering ideology, we should never panic, not even when he himself declares pause mode in some random national structure which has nothing do with MMM United.
Dear participants, we have undergone lot of heat and hatred from some MMM Official national structure leaders when we presented this idea of one single global structure of MMM. They were not happy because they thought there was no point in creating another MMM structure when all the national structures of MMM Official were operational. Let us admit once again that Mr. Mavrodi is our hero. MMM United was not created to challenge his authority, he is the father of MMM ideology and nobody can ever try to compete him. We just wanted to create a global platform where any MMM participant despite of his/her geographical location and currency could participate. That option was not available with MMM Official national structures, so MMM United was born. Though our heart is pure and intensions are good, lots of people want us to fail. They are wishing that we crash so that they can enjoy “I told you so” moment. MMM United is a product of hard work, honesty and commitment. And to our surprise we got most kind hearted and committed participants around the world. You guys supported us in every turn of this journey. And the credit of our success goes to each one of you.
On the other hand, we have noticed that some members are always complaining on social media and spread only negative news. Guys please don’t do this. We already have lot of skeptics out there; let them do the badmouthing on behalf of you. You please focus on positive things and spread positivity among other members. Complaining and crying and whining is not going to help the system anyway. So lets not waste our bandwidth on such things and people. I mean seriously, we have noticed some members who have more than 10 accounts in the system and still trying to point towards us for bad management. Guys we believe in keeping this system as democratic as we can. If we implement IP restrictions and start daily tasks like MMM Extra program (MMM Official) such members will be thrown out of the system. The only thing stops us from implementing such majors is inability of some members due to lack of Computer/Internet literacy and inability to adopt English as primary language. We are protecting you from all the hardship causes due to IP restrictions and daily tasks. So instead of badmouthing the system, why don’t you try positive activities? These are the members who spam our entire timeline with links to other programs and their referral links. Come on guys, spamming social media won’t make you successful in your life. But putting efforts in promoting and advertising good stuff will surely get you there. By spreading negativity you can only attract negative people. Then you have bunch of negative people enjoying negative environment and more crying when they get negative results. Have you ever seen any 10K Guider in MMM United spamming our timeline or complaining about stuff which is out of his/her control? No…That’s the only reason he/she could become 10K Guider. Try to utilize your time in positive manner, believe us, it pays!!
Whatever happened, happened. Let’s try to focus on what’s going to happen now. Generally whenever such situation comes, administration tries to squash the extra growth and existing bonuses like referral bonus, guider bonus, prior earnings etc. But we are keeping everything intact (except point no.3). We were participants once and we understand how it feels to lose what we have earned. So we are not cutting corners here. All the active GHs are cancelled and all the assisted amounts including bonuses are rolled back to your respective wallets. All we have to do is start operations like PH-GH in orderly fashion with some basic rules. Obviously this situation is not going to streamline overnight. So we applied basic math to carry this out.
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1. Weekly GH limit will be $500 per account. This limit will enhance every week by double.
First Week – $500
Second Week – $1000
Third Week – $2000
Forth Week – $4000 and so on…
Example: Samantha has $3600 in her withdrawal wallet. She can only withdraw $500 first week. Remaining $3100 will be safe in her wallet. After 7 days from the date of her first GH request, her GH limit will be enhanced. Now she can withdraw $1000, remaining $2100 will be safe in her wallet. After 7 days from her second GH request her GH limit will enhance again. Now she can GH $2000 again and remaining $100 will be safe in her wallet.
2. Weekly GH limit doesn’t apply on new comers in the system. i.e. the accounts that are created after SYSTEM CONTINUANCE. They can request to GH after 7 days lock in period as usual.
3. Due to server updation growth for the period December 25 2016 to December 31 2016 is not calculated for all the accounts. Please do not create support tickets for this issue.
We are sure we will be out of this mess in 2-3 weeks and once it happens, limit on GH will be discarded. PH limit ($10000) is not revised. So introduce new people in the system and motivate your team members to contribute in the system frequently. Share your experience on social media, post screenshots of your GH/PH, make videos, spread positive news and while you are doing so don’t forget to SMILE MMM United is Back! Welcome Back MMM United🙂
On the technical end, we have improved every bit of our infrastructure and hired some very smart people in the business. They believe that this time there will be less technical difficulties and they are capable to come up with the solutions instantly. We are determined to provide you superior platform for all the system activities.
It is important for all the MMM United members to like and follow our facebook page and other official social media platforms for important updates. Links to our official social media handles is as follows:
Friends, we are all set to fight this situation and we need your support. You have supported us in some extreme situations before; let’s stand up together once again. MMM United exists because of its dedicated and committed members. YOU guys have worked very hard to get us this far, we expect same support and dedication now. Our UNITY is the KEY. We need to be very responsible now. We cannot just let this beautiful thing called MMM United snatched out of our hands just because we couldn’t control our emotions and got panicked. Look back and see how we were helping each others like family. We have brought smiles on lot of faces. We changed lots of lives together. We administrators were team of only 120 individuals when we started and we worked night and day to make this happen. You guys came along and we shaped this giant possibility together. All this happened because we stand united. Today we are more than 1 Million. We can do this again. United we shall stand, always….
We will be operational in next 24 hours. Please inform your team members and fellow Marvodians about this update. Share this news widely.
Wish you all the very best! MMM United is Back! Welcome Back MMM United🙂
Once Again welcome back!!! we love you. In anticipation for their return to be more stable and reliable, here is what people/MMM United participants are saying;

mmmunited is awesome. By  

Jude Adigwu

Dear Admin, please assist in resolving this issue. My mavro’s does not display on my page. I had a initial capital and provided help. I was suppose to Get help on the 2nd of Jan. I have written to Support to no avail. Appreciate your assistance in resolving this. By Emmajoe Beyoma
Love Akilo Photocopy is Mmm united. Mmm official came yesterday and bring out that step u ppl take today. If ur intention of launching Mmm united is not for selfish interest why didn’t u ppl partner with the existing mmm since it has and trade with Bitcoin @ 50% . Ur ideology is photocopy and is not well structured ; stop deceiving nigeria that they get help worldwide cuz it’s obvious that is only Nigerians that is participating. Be sincere to them and scrap that 100% and reduce it to 50%, stop telling them that mmm official is facing legal issues with nigeria government and that’s what affected u ppl cuz it’s a fat lies.
Frank Obiora Thank you Jesus……….thank you mmmunited admins…..thank you global team leader Randy Wilson…….thank you my guider Udofia. Back to businees, united we stand against the poverty monster!!!!
Laura Kelly Everyone in my room has done a PH, MMMUnited has proven to be a wondeful business and is it’s own separate entity , servers fixed and maintenance done and we are back on track and already moving forward, spread the word! Long live MMM United.
Emma Edem He or she who read dis article will neva wish MMM united bad lock any more,dis re group of people dat really want to change and touch lives please let’s support them while I will do my best,they re human nd not God I love MMM united God bless u guys.u will neva crash in jesus Name Amen.

MMM United is Back! Welcome Back MMM United
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