NGAdverts: Genuine Nigeria Ad Network For Monetization

It is unarguable that Google Adsense program still remains the best monetization platform for bloggers and webmasters. Nevertheless, there exist other alternative advertising networks that still pay depending on your site traffic and audience country. 

NGAdverts is a Nigeria ad network that allows ads from the highest bidder display on your site at every point to ensure you earn the most. NGAdverts is PPC, therefore you earn from clicks alone. 


I find out about NGAdverts on a WhatsApp group, after several interactions with the owner I think, I decided to give them a try on my According to what I was told, the revenue sharing formula is 70/30 where publishers get the larger part of the deal.

Anyway, I left the ad codes on my blog and continue with my normal activities. Initially, the CPC was high and later it declined. Maybe advertisers weren’t bidding high any longer. But since I was only experimenting with NGAdverts, I was not bothered. 

After a while, I checked and saw I can request for my payment which I did. Two days later, I was credited on the account I provided on my publisher account. Below is screenshots proof of payment.

NGAdverts payment request
NGAdverts payment

Many ad publishers do believe there are no good ad networks in Nigeria as most of them tend to scam, that is, refusing to pay or get a ban after they reach the threshold. Well, I can give you a guarantee that NGAdverts is real, they are reliable and will pay publishers once they reach the payment threshold which is N2000, but you will have to request for your payment before it is sent.

My conclusion is NGAdverts is real and not a scam. You can also use them to advertise your business as I have an advertiser account with them. You can advertise on NGAdverts with just N2000, with a bonus of N500 added to your advertiser account. 

So while waiting for Adsense and other big ad networks for approval which has become very difficult, why not start with NGAdverts to monetize your website or blog?