Consider These Things Before Registering A Domain Or Business Name

Do you want to register a domain name for your business or personal blog site? Are you considering starting a business and wish to register the business name soon? With so many domains and business names already registered and currently in use, it is very difficult to find a good one.

Sometimes I create blogs for different purposes but the hardest part is finding a good domain name. Even on social media, I have seen friends who asked for others to suggest good names for them. This can also happen when you are about to register a business name.

Consider These Things Before Registering A Domain Or Business Name

There are some vital things we must consider when choosing domain names or business names.

Email Address

Let assume you are satisfied with the domain name you find, for instance, Try to see if the following email address mazinoweb[at] or mazinoweb[at] is not in used by anyone.

Try to create an email address with that same domain name. That is what I always do before registering a new domain name. So that even if I don’t create a custom email for the domain, I will still have an email that matches my domain name.

With this way, you prevent scrupulous individuals from using your brand name to commit havoc. This also applies to register a business name. Business name different from email name may confuse your customers. For example, you are into real estate and you registered the business name Real Estate Guardian, and your email address is abcrealestat[at] or info[at], you are indirectly creating a weak brand name.

Social Media Profiles

Take it or leave it, every business needs social media presence. Big brands are making use of it. Social media has come to stay so when registering a domain or business name, try to see if the social media names are available. For instance, when registering, I make sure that no one was using mazinoweb on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as username.,, and even other social networking sites like Reddit and Linkedin are all the same. I also created a Nairaland account with the same username. This how you can create your unique brand name for your business.

It is good to have one unique name for your business, be it an online or offline business. What do you think?