Create Custom WinPE-Based Bootable Media Via AOMEI PE Builder

Computer is a part of our life in modern society. There will be various problems when we are using computer. For example, data loss, can’t boot, virus attack, suddenly power off and so on. If you encounter an immediate failure of your system, what could you do if you can’t access any of the onboard recoveries or repair options? How to solve it?

Windows has Pre-installation environment and recovery environment. If you can enter the so called environment, you are accessing to half success. However, things are not so easy. Windows Pre-installation environment is hard to use. With the development of software technology, people can create a boot disc to perform troubleshooting tasks on an unbootable computer by using some tools, one of free is AOMEI PE Builder.

Know About Win PE

Windows Pre-installation Environment is WinPE for short, which is a special environment originally developed by Windows. Windows PE can be bootable environment. To create a Windows PE media, traditionally you have to install Windows AIK or WAIK, or prepare a Windows installation disc. On the contrary, third-party AOMEI PE Builder allows you to create a WinPE media without installing AIK/WAIK.

How to use AOMEI PE Builder?

1. Free download from AOMEI official website, install and apply it. On the main interface, just click “Next” to go.

Create Custom WinPE-Based Bootable Media Via AOMEI PE Builder

2. You can add utilities and drivers into AOMEI PE Builder which you needed here. There are several categories of built-in common software: File, Network and Security. Free free to choose and add them. If you want to add more portable tools, please click Add Files button.

Create Custom WinPE-Based Bootable Media Via AOMEI PE Builder

3. After files and drivers being added, click “Next” to continue, in this step, you can select on what media to create Windows PE. There are three selections: Burn To CD/DVD, USB Boot Device, and Export ISO File.

Create Custom WinPE-Based Bootable Media Via AOMEI PE Builder

4. Click “Next” again, the program will execute the task. At last, click Finish to exit the window when the process completed.

To enter the environment created by AOMEI PE Builder, you can restart your computer and adjust boot order to USB device(depends on your media) to enter WinPE system. AOMEI PE integrates desktop, Windows explorer, start menu, and taskbar into the WinPE environment, makes it easy and familiar for users to manage files and documents, just like using Windows 7.

AOMEI PE Builder is a great freeware, with the help of it, you are able to rescue your system at the first time. Moreover, AOMEI PE Builder integrates AOMEI’s free partition manager and free backup software: AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard and AOMEI Backupper Standard. You can use them in the PE environment freely. In a word, AOMEI PE Builder can optimize your life and system very well.