How To Conduct Pregnancy Test


How To Conduct  Pregnancy Test
It looks very easy to conduct a pregnancy test but they are some factors preventing it, there are several methods of conducting pregnancy test, including phone pregnancy test; but for the purpose of this post I will be considering urine method of conducting pregnancy test. We will be looking at some simple steps on how to conduct pregnancy test in case you don’t want to go to the hospital to conduct it.


 Remember to write down when you had your last menstruation:In order to always keep in touch, write down the first day of your last period, so that you could be able to calculate when next you are expecting your menstrual period. First day of your last period will determine when next is your period.

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  1.  Now calculate from the first day of your last period:

Seems you know the first day of your last period, count ahead of you 28 to 35 days from the day of your last period.

    2.Run a test after you have miss your menstruation:

Running your test early wouldn’t give an accurate result, not all women secrete the same HCG in urine. Wait for about 4 to 11 days before conducting after the due date you are suppose to see your next period.

  3. Choosing the right test to run:
Most counter test are good, but choosing the right pregnancy test ensure better result, some digital test reader display PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT on their screen.

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  4.Don’t depend on one test tube:
Don’t go to the chemist store and get only one box, it will cost you going back to another box and inaccurate results, so when buying boxes buy more than one for accurate result and cost of you going back to get another box.

  5. Opening the test tube
When opening the box make sure you don’t touch activation tab, when trying to remove the stick in the test box it’s advisable to wear hand glove.

  6. Use the early morning urine:
For a better result, be inform to use your early morning urine immediately you get out of bed. Morning urine’s are highly concentrated and it gives an accurate result.

7.Dipping the test tube into the urine:
When in peeing the morning pee in to little container that has been sterilize for better, then dip the test tube into the container with your urine it.

8. Place a time :Set a time for about one minute then sit back and watch the result come up.

9.Knowing your pregnancy status test result:After a minute might have elapsed remove the test tube from the container and check your result, note: if it has a double line it positive (pregnant), but if it has single line then negative (no pregnancy).

After knowing your pregnancy status it good you keep your result and write down the date for record.