Job Title: SM Lifestyle Products
Core purpose of the Job 

  • To position MTN Nigeria at the forefront of technological innovation within the telecom’s sector, through the development and support of MTN-branded, and 3rd Party content, portals and services that will attract and retain customers, grow ARPU and create new revenue streams 
  • To manage the lifestyle product and service lifecycle which includes enhancements of existing products and services 
  • To assist to analyse market data and customer insight to identify profitable opportunities, make decisions, develop the roadmap and collaborate with strategic partners to deliver world class lifestyle solutions that capture market share, drive optimal customer engagement and increase revenue. 


  • A first degree or post-graduate diploma in Marketing, Accounting, Business Administration or a related discipline. 
  • A first degree or post graduate diploma in Engineering and/or Design 
  • Training and certification in project management 


  • At least 10 years’ experience which includes: 
  • 5 years in product Development and management experience in a Telecommunications- related environment. 
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in advance Project Management. 
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in co-coordinating a number of external agencies and suppliers 
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in dealing with senior stakeholders within an established organization. 

Job Summary 

  • Work with management and other key contributors and stakeholders to manage the translation of the Digital Product Development strategy into a Lifestyle innovation strategy, roadmap and product portfolio mix, and communicate these effectively with the team; 
  • Manage and enforce all subscription business rules on HSDP, Play, charging and other VAS platforms. From access channels to product fulfilment. 
  • Manage the Lifestyle product lifecycle from concept to developing detailed product specification to completing a smooth launch and monitoring and optimising future iterations to drive optimal customer engagement and revenue from Lifestyle platforms ( 
  • Increase Lifestyle performance and grow the portfolio and its contribution to the overall revenue of MTN Digital, ensuring that MTN maintains its position as a world class leader in Lifestyle products and services; 
  • Collaborate with Solutions Delivery team to create strategies and plans by which technology will be developed or adapted to meet market needs and leverage opportunities; 
  • Ensure products meet and exceed the highest processing standards including cost, revenue, security, technical precision and scalability. 
  • Monitor and analyse new Lifestyle related technology trends and innovations, make recommendations to management on their potential applications to the business and use data analytics to inform product development decisions; 
  • Ensure trends and patterns pertaining to customer requests and needs are identified and used to continually improve all aspects of product and service delivery. 
  • Drive best practice, continuous improvement and innovation of products, services, processes and procedures within the Lifestyle portfolio and across MTN Digital to ensure competitiveness. 
  • Drive research on various platforms and document competitive social, monetization and game features and ensure that optimal content is sourced for various target markets; 
  • Oversee and ensure the establishment of systems and practices in order to comply with best practices, legislation or other regulations and guidelines around Lifestyle content; 
  • Lead the establishment and maintenance of Lifestyle quality/process standards that will enhance the customer experience and cost efficiency. 
  • Manage the Lifestyle hierarchy, usability, and users’ requirements and needs. 
  • Maintain a strong understanding of the marketplace and current and evolving opportunities for mobile operators and other industries with regard to content. 
  • Supply and co-ordinate resources for development of products to address existing market segment needs 
  • Drives successful launch of content, and participates in key sales situations and events for these services. 
  • Develop new business models and solutions for new and existing Lifestyle products 
  • Introduce, customize and enhance new products and services 
  • Proffer solutions that can withstand exposure to a fluctuating market in the long term 
  • Develop flexible means of response to changing needs 
  • Develop products & service using multiple technologies to actualize company mission 

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