Why Typing Skill Is So Important In Studying Programming Languages

Why Typing Skill Is So Important In Studying Programming Languages

Taking the necessary effort to learn how to touch type is a
very essential skill for prospective programmers. Still, there are some who
derisively deride this skill claiming that it is only applicable to
professional typists and court of law stenographers.
Well, this to some degree
is certainly the case, but virtually any professional can greatly benefit from
touch typing. More so those who are obliged to carry out their professional duties
in front of a computer screen and use the keyboard on a frequent basis like
programmers. Here then are some excellent reasons why typing skills are so important in studying
programming languages for students.
Touch typing can significantly improve typing speed and
Without doubt, the most notable advantages that come with
mastering touch typing are realizing substantial improvements in both typing
speed and accuracy. In essence, touch typing lets programmers work without
having to constantly look down on their keyboards in the search for the right
keys to press. This naturally can have tremendous ramifications in your speed
and accuracy when you code
Generally speaking, the average
typing speed now stands at 41 words per minute (WPM). However, when you take
the smart decision to make the effort to learn how to touch type, you can
easily be able to increase your typing speed to no less than 60 WPM. This
definitely means that you will in the long run find yourself coding your
programs in a faster and more accurate manner than you previously did
Touch typing can significantly enhance programming productivity
and efficiency
The hunt and peck technique and its variations are badly suited
to boost productivity for programmers. The more time you have to spend in
fussing over your keyboard as a programmer, the harder it will be to
effectively keep up with live code and viable coding ideas. At the same time,
the more time you spend in rectifying typing errors, the more difficult it will
be to concentrate on the flow of your coding ideas. Constantly making typing
errors in your coding means you will be forced to spend a significant amount of
your time trying to debug them. This will obviously greatly impede on your
coding speed and it will also break the flow of your programs.
On the other hand, by deciding to
embrace touch typing
, you will quickly come to realize that your
typing accuracy has significantly improved. This means you will find yourself
making lesser coding errors as the time passes by. In turn, this will lead to a
profound improvement in your coding efficiency and productivity. When this
happens, you will be able to greatly minimize the exact time you have been
allocating to debugging your programs. This in the long run will enable you to
become a better programming student and eventually an all round professional
Touch typing can significantly enhance your comfort as a
At this juncture, it is very important to note that touch
typing is not only about improving typing speed and accuracy. This skill also
focuses on improving your comfort as a programmer through ideal computer ergonomics. Quite simply put,
you can invest in the finest ergonomic computer chair, but without the right
typing technique, it will all be a sheer waste of money. Using inefficient
typing methods such as the hunt and peck technique usually leads to exposing
yourself to serious repetitive stress injuries.
Some of the most prominent of which include tendinitis and
carpal tunnel syndrome to name but a few. Nevertheless, by taking the effort to
master the skill of touch typing, you will soon come to discover effective ways
of preventing such injuries. This particular typing method is highly noted for
been in an excellent position of imparting the right typing ergonomics best
practices. All of which have been specifically designed to totally do away with
the potent risk factors of sustaining repetitive stress injuries.
Some of the most notable of these are teaching you how you can
be able to integrate an ideal typing posture that will greatly minimize the
strain exerted on your neck and upper back. While also teaching you the right
finger placement on your keyboard. This goes a long way in conveniently
allowing you to evenly distribute the overall strain over all your fingers.
Rather than on a few of them as you would ordinarily do with poor typing
techniques such as the earlier mentioned hunt and peck method. Well, now you
certainly fully understand why it is very important to take the necessary time
and effort to master touch typing as a programming student.

name is Daria Postoyalkina, I’m a development manager at Ratatype. This project helps
children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and
lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise
for typists who want to improve their typing speed.

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