5 Must Do SEO Hacks For Any Blog To Rank High On Google

5 Must Do SEO Hacks For Any Blog To Rank High On Google

 creating a blog and publishing articles is not a big deal, everyone can do that but when it comes to the ranking of  blog post on the first page of google and driving free organic traffic, then it becomes a serious issue that everyone keeps dancing unnecessarily. Honestly, every newbie blogger face this rigorous headache.
So, only writing content and not getting any traffic and users to interact with your epic blog post is surely not going to help you keep moving ahead with your blog. That’s why you must have average and proficient  SEO knowledge/skills and apply optimization techniques to rank your blog post on the first page of google. Thus, keeping the importance of traffic on blog progress. With that in mind, I’ll be sharing with you 5 must do killer SEO Tactics/Guides on how to rank your blog post on the first page of google that will surely work.

Well before starting this article, let me inform you that to get high rank on google, don’t only focus on SEO but along with that also give priority to the quality of contents for long lasting free organic traffic from search engines. You might know in blogging Content Is King and SEO is the Queen.

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5 Killer SEO Guides To Rank My Blogger Post On First Page Of Google:
Are you ready? Lets go; below are some killer and effective ways that we are using to rank our  blog post on the first page of google web page. Take careful note of each of this points and of course smartly too. So, let’s see what are the killer ways to rank blog post on the first page of google.

1. Writing Unique Content
As I’ve already told you that content plays a very important role to rank your blog post on the first page of google, so you must try to write very unique and original content with proper planning. You should focus on proper use of keywords and systematic writing skills. Try to be smart and unique. Write content that will force everyone to read it twice. Only then you can rank your blog post on the first page of google.

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2. Creating Hight PR Do Follow Backlinks
Everyone knows Back-links are also very important for ranking your blog and its contents on the first page of google. The page with good do follow backlinks is sure to be ranked higher compared to that with lesser backlinks. So, try to increase your blog backlinks only then you can rank your blog post on the first page result on the google page.

3. Proper Use of Keywords
Yeah, keywords are another factor that determines the page ranking on google. The post with the proper use of keywords will surely help you get good search engine rankings. Try to keep your targeting keywords density low but be sure not to do Keyword Stuffing as it is negative SEO and badly hampers your blog rank. Put your main keywords on Post title, about two or three on the first paragraph (Long tail keywords), three or four on body content but it can be more too and about two on end of the post. Doing such will also make your content easy for google to be indexed.

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4. Do keyword research for better SEO
I highly recommend you all learn about keyword research for proper use and implementation of Keywords. Always use long tail keywords and try not to run behind targeting generic keywords with high search volume because you’ll hardly be able to outperform the first page results. Long tail keywords account for around 70% of search engine traffic compared to generic keywords. If you’re completely new to it then don’t worry, we’ll explain in upcoming articles. Till then just subscribe us by email as we’ll be posting about it on our blog very soon. 

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5. Adding A Good Title/Description of your Blog
A blog is said to be skillfully managed if it has got a good description with some keywords. Write your blog description in such a way that it will shine about your content and blog. Always write sweet and short with your blog related description. Well, take an example of how to choose a blog description to rank your blog on the first page of google.