Is A Scam – Publishers

Alternative adverts on its website claims to be Nigeria’s and Africa’s leading online advertising platform, no 1 online advertising agency and digital marketing company. Nigerian publishers who have monetized their websites with alternative adverts network are not smiling.

There are many reports that is a scam, that they don’t pay publishers. Well, I was also once a publisher of the ad network. I made about $16 before I removed their codes from my site. And I also told my blogger friends whom I introduced to alternative adverts to do the same.
You may be wondering why I chose to remove the ad codes from my site. I referred a friend of mine who owned a popular blog in Nigeria to alternative adverts. The blogger does have reasonable traffic and in no time he was able to earn $115. At the time of publishing this post, it over 6 months and the blogger haven’t been paid by alternative adverts. Is A Scam

In fact, a lot transpired when the blogger requested for his payment from the supposed owner of the ad network. Like I used to tell some brands that “customer care is more than that a department, it is an attitude.”, alternative adverts have no customer relationship. According to the blogger, the owner was very rude on phone. Then he decided to send text messages to continue the conversation. The screenshot below shows the chats between the blogger and the owner of the alternative adverts. Is A Scam - Publishers Is A Scam - Publishers Is A Scam - Publishers Is A Scam - Publishers
At this point, some may say this was a script. Kindly look at the number of that chats and then the one on the alternative websites below. Is A Scam - Publishers Is A Scam Is A Scam - Publishers
What do you think? Is the phone number on the chat not the same as the one on the alternative adverts website?
There are other publishers who claimed alternative adverts have refused to pay them, and some also said their earnings have been wiped out.  Read in Nairaland what some are saying about alternative adverts. Is A Scam - Publishers
On the Nairaland thread, the owner claimed that sites such as The Punch, Vanguard, The Guardian, Nigerian Tribune, PM News, Daily Post, Daily Independent, Hallmark Newspaper, Complete Sports are publishers. But as of today, none of these mentioned sites seem to be using the ad network. Is A Scam - Publishers
That Nairaland post was 2015 and down the line in 2017, the company is still having the problem in paying publishers. Experience is never the best teacher. No one needs to tell me what I will also encounter if I had reached the payment threshold. This is the main reason I stopped using alternative adverts to monetize my blog. I also use this opportunity to apologize to all those I referred to become a publisher and didn’t get paid.
On it website, alternative adverts stated “You can advertise on various newspaper websites in Nigeria. They have advertising estates on  Punch Newspaper, the Sun and Vanguard Newspaper, The Nation newspaper, PM News and Tribune Newspaper, etc. But on those mentioned sites, there is no such of alternative adverts on them. Is this not deceit? SMH. Is A Scam - Publishers
Questions That Need Answers?
1. Why are there no good reports of alternative adverts online and why are all the bad reports the same?
2. Why do they love to owe their publishers?
3. Why is their customer care very rude and unreceptive?
4. Why do they keep running a business that has no good reputable?
5. Why tell people that they have advertising estates (Nigerian Newspapers), whereas it’s outrightly false?
If you have other questions, you can add it to the comment box.