Factors Bloggers Should Understand To Improve Blog Traffic.

Factors Bloggers Should Understand To Improve Blog Traffic.

Traffic is what every blogger craves for and you can never really get enough of it. Here are a few things you should understand that’ll help you boost your traffic .

1.Size Of Audience– A lot of popular blogs have a total market size of at least 5 million people. While the top 100 blogs usually have a total market size of 200 million or more. That’s not how many readers they have, that’s how many readers they could have if everyone with an interest in the topic they write about read their blog. So there’s always space for a new blog to get some part of the audience.

2. Age Target – The many readers are usually between the ages of 17 and 50. If you’re targeting an audience younger or older than that window, it’s almost impossible to build a popular blog, simply because the people in this age range hardly like reading blogs.

3. Content Longevity – Many blogs publish posts on an ongoing basis so you’ll need an audience that has an ongoing interest. Topics about smartphones or social media changes all the time, so people will want to read about it forever. Some topics only interest people for a few months or even weeks .

4. Language Of The Blog – I like the fact that a few blogs are trying to be in a language other than English but In general, blogging is mostly confined to the English language. Although, it’s totally possible to build a popular blog in German or Portuguese, but the traffic techniques will be totally different, and it will be extremely difficult.

5. Love Your Audience – You need to like the audience. Surprisingly, this is the number one reason a blog fades away following a period of rapid growth. After attracting a small audience, you discover that you can’t stand them, and you stop writing because it’s not fun anymore. The moral of the story: make sure you like the people you are trying to attract because you’ll be hanging out with them for years to come.