How to Carry out Home Pregnancy Tests

How to Carry out Home Pregnancy Tests

Are you searching for how to conduct or carry out home pregnancy tests? Being a mother is an important turning point in the life of every woman. Getting pregnant is a moment of unexplained happiness.
There are many signs, such as menstrual periods, vomiting, breast pain, nausea and swollen feet that may indicate that you are expecting a baby.

But, before raising your hopes up and rushing to the doctor, it would be better to have some tests to detect the pregnancy.

How far in advance can you take a pregnancy test? Well, it can be performed four days before your menstrual periods. These are some of the quiet and comfortable home pregnancy tests that will help you unravel the suspense. Are you pregnant or not?
  • Be very careful when using any of the tests and make sure that you are
    performing it the right way.
  • After taking the test at home, do not forget to visit the doctor to confirm your
  • Be cautious when choosing the ingredients for the test, as some of them could
    be harmful to you.
Pregnancy tests are performed to find out the presence of HCG (pregnancy hormone) in the urine. This hormone is released when a woman expects a baby. The amount of CGH
in your urine determines whether you are pregnant or not. Click Here
Tests to Detect Pregnancy
1. Sugar
It’s the easiest home pregnancy test. Use your morning urine for this test. Take
three tablespoons of sugar in a bowl. Now pee on the sugar. If it dissolves,
the test is negative, and if it forms blocks, the result is positive.
2. Urine


Accumulate the urine in a bottle. Place the bottle on a flat surface & do not touch it
for 24 hours. After that, check it out. If there is a thin white layer on top
of it, then the result is positive; Otherwise, negative.
3. Dandelion leaves 
How to Carry out Home Pregnancy Tests
Take some dandelion leaves, cut them & place them in a bowl. Do not expose to
sunlight. Now drink enough water to fill your bladder completely. Urinate on
the leaves so that they submerged in the urine.
After 10 minutes, check the blades. If they have red bumps on them, then you are pregnant. It’s one of the best home pregnancy tests.
4. Wheat
How to Carry out Home Pregnancy Tests
Put some urine in the mixture of corn seeds and barley. If they germinate, then you
have good news to share with your friends and family.
5. Pino
Take different parts of a pine tree, such as twigs and leaves. Now mix and urinate
into the mixture. Keep it still for 10 minutes. If the color of pine
combination changes, then it indicates a positive result.
If it is your first pregnancy, do not forget to consult this valuable information
“Is your First Pregnancy? Useful information.”
6. Mustard Powder
How to Carry out Home Pregnancy Tests
Put some fresh mustard in the hot bath water. Now immerse your body in warm water
for 20 minutes. Then take a regular shower. If your period starts the next day,
it means you are not pregnant, and if there are no periods, you have good news
to share.
Water bleach or bleach
Take your urine sample in a plastic cup and mix some bleach or liquid bleach into
it. If this mixture begins to make foam, then you are pregnant.
Note – Vapors resulting from this combination may cause a problem in breathing, so it is
recommended to perform this test in an aerated area, to avoid its side effects.
8. Soap
It is a very trouble free test to show. Only throw a small piece of soap and pour some
urine into it, if in the soap starts foaming, then you are pregnant.

9. Vinegar 

How to Carry out Home Pregnancy Tests
In this test, tuna and vinegar juice are use. Simply mix the fourth cup of vinegar and
tuna juice. Now pee in another cup and add urine to this mixture. If the color
of the mixture turns green, the result is positive, and if it is yellow-orange,
then the result is negative.
10. Wine
Take some wine and mix it with urine. A clear or lemon-colored mixture indicates pregnancy.
11. Toothpaste
How to Carry out Home Pregnancy Tests
Take one tablespoon of toothpaste and place it in a plastic container and then add
the urine to it. If the urine tone changed to blue, then the result is
12.Mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Paracetamol
In this test, you have to use your morning urine. Take urine, and add hydrogen peroxide
and paracetamol to it in equal proportions. If this liquid turns blue, then you
are expecting a baby.