Key Facts About Starting a Mobile Hair Salon in Your Community

Key Facts About Starting a Mobile Hair Salon in Your Community

There are lots of hair salons this days. starting a mobile barbing/hair salon can be as lucrative as opening a football betting center.But, be careful of the one you visit frequently to avoid stories that touches.
The importance of hair salons cant be over emphasized. In my area there are  20 to 50 hair salons in operation and possibly 2 are currently not functional. Most people because of their busy schedule, usually invites this barbers to their homes/house to have their hair cut.

The only  qualification required to open and run a functional hair saloon is skills, experience and expertise acquired through skill acquisition and  training. A mobile barber/hair cutter dont require or need the facilities of a static salon, all he requires is the ideal skill and proficiency.The clients will provide the clipper,mirror,shampoo,dye,chair and electricity etc.
The basic cost you might incur  is that of proper advertisement and transportation. Charges are proportional to the distance of your respective clients house/domain. If you are very skillful, a client can give you more customers and introduce you to his or her friends/colleagues. Thereby earning huge referrals.
This is honestly a business you can start with virtually nothing and yet make so much money.

Additionally, most hair cuts can be very funny and at the same time fun filled/pact. Here comes my top list of hair fact;

1. It’s  very strong

A full curly hair is strong enough to support up to 10-12 tones. Which is equal of two elephants!

2. There’s a lot of it

Your hair of average person contains around 100, 000 to one hundred and fifty, 000 strands of curly hair, so stop worrying if you see one or two on your hairbrush.

3. It’s everywhere (nearly)

Hair grows not merely on your head, but practically everywhere over your body. The sole place that it doesn’t – is on the soles of your feet, your mouth, your eyelids and the palms of both hands. Typical human being has about 5 million hair follicles everywhere over the body.

4. All hair is ugly

If you feel you have right hair, then think again. All hair is actually curly, to a smaller or greater degree, because all hair twists, as it grows.

5. Really growing

No surprise to learn that hair grows, but did you know it grows at the pace of 0, apr mm per day on average, that makes about 1. 2 cm (or 0. 5 inches) each month. In warm climate locks grows faster that in cold one.

6. That lives a long time

Unless you bring it is life to an premature end with some over enthusiastic brushing, an one strand of hair can live for approximately seven years.

7. It re-grows

Just about every time a hair comes out it will re-grow and may do this up to twenty times in a lifetime.

8.  It grows fast

The hair is the second speediest growing tissue in your body. That sounds it is bone marrow.

9. Hair is a lot like a hat

Ever wondered why we have hair on our head? Our mind is one of the few places on our body where we have no fat layer to keep us warm, so our hair will there be to keep us warm during those frosty months of the season.

10. Hair is elastic when wet

Moist hair becomes very stretchy if it’s wet and can stretch by finished to 30% without being damaged.

11. 35 ft beard

If a man would not shave his beard, in a life-time it would grow to about 30-35 feet.

12. Who first started to remove unwanted hair?

Practically the first people who started to remove unwanted hair were the Egyptians.

13. Best hair

Xie Qiuping is the Chinese woman with world’s longest hair who started to grow her locks from the age group of 13 and was added to Guinness Globe records; her hair scored over 5 m (faster than 18 ft).

14. Few entire days 12 a few months!

In average, women spend about 3 hours every week washing, blow drying and hair styling their hair, which makes over 6 entire times a year.

15. Shedding 25-150 hairs each day? Zero worries, it’s normal!

Everybody sheds from 25 to 150 strands of frizzy hair every day. It’s normal. Your hair renews, it regrows.

Key Facts About Starting a Mobile Hair Salon in Your Community

There you have it. 15 interesting and fun hair facts that you probably didn’t know about your locks!?