Starting a Business as An Interior Decorator/Designer

Starting a Business as An Interior Decorator/Designer
Interior designing or decorator simply involve the art and science of  perfectly comprehending people’s behavior and the unique methodology to create functional spaces within a building. Practically, interior designers are always involved with building  beautiful projects from the scratch, probably even working with the architect. The job of an interior designer is simply to help create functional and realistic interior space/interface by understanding how the occupants will use each section of the room.
Do you have a flair with furniture and colour combination? you can make money by putting your designs and talents into works.
From private to commercial  and government buildings interior decorators and designers are needed to dress up the inside space.
Interior designers work with all kinds of furnishing, fabrics and building materials, some even use computer aided design software to design settings that gives a new life to existing residence, work place and public settings.
An interior decorators may not have or posses formal credentials but to call yourself an interior designer, you need to have a sense of colour balance or proportion, an ability to communicate through graphic presentations and attitude towards change so that you can keep up with design trends and still be responsive to your clients desires.
Therefore, as an interior decorator/designer, you need absolute focus, consistent, dedicated and optimistic.This is a very lucrative business, the quality of your creativity and service will determine how far you will go in interior designs and decoration.