What are Communication Systems

What are Communication Systems

Communication systems are gadget or tools that enhances connections from one end to another. Telecommunication network is a collection of terminals, links and nodes which connect together to enable telecommunication between users of the terminals. Networks may use circuit switching or message switching.
Each terminal in the network must have a unique address so messages or connections can be routed to the correct recipients. The collection of addresses in the network is called the address space.

In its simplest form, telecommunication means communicating across long distances.

When you think of telecommunications today, you think cell phones and networks, but of telecommunication today, you think cell phones and networks, but jungle drums and the telegraph were both forms of telecommunication. Today, long-distance communication is a combination of satellites, computers and wireless transmission towers.

What this means is that you, as the user, employ a computer modem, cellular phone or some other device to connect with another user’ device in a network linked by satellites and wireless signals or cable, such as telephone land lines.

What are Communication Systems
What are Communication Systems

The links connect the nodes together and are themselves built upon an underlying transmission network which physically pushes the message across the link.

==>>Examples of telecommunication networks are:
· Computer networks

· The internet

· The telephone network

· The global Telex network

· The aeronautical ACARS network

Telecommunications may provide these values through the following impacts:
1. Time compression
– Telecommunication enable a firm to transmit raw data and information quickly and accurately between remote sites.

2. Overcoming geographical dispersion
– Telecommunications enable an organization with geographically remote sites to function, to a degree, as though these sites were a single unit. The firm can then reap benefits of scale and scope which would otherwise be unobtainable.

3. Restructuring business relationships
– Telecommunications make it possible to create systems which restructure the interactions of people within a firm as well as a firm’s relationship with its from various business processes.