Abedi Insist he wasn’t connected with the Recent Manchester Bomblast

Abedi Insist he  wasn't connected with the Recent Manchester Bomblast
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According to reports, Salman Abedi with his alies detonated the bomb on Monday at Manchester city leading to the death of so many young children and adult.

Still counting as we speak. The UN Security chiefs believe the deadly device detonated by Salman Abedi was built by other ISIS fanatics in a city centre flat.
Abedi Insist he  wasn't connected with the Recent Manchester Bomblast
Image: Telegraph
Undercover officers swooped on a suspect with a “suspicious package” in Wigan as the number of arrests made over the attack reached seven.
The  sudden swoops came after three men were arrested just streets away from where Manchester nail bomb terrorist Salman Abedi lived 
Furthermore, police are now assessing the package being carried by the suspect arrested in Wigan with bomb squads reportedly called in.
Abedi, who US officials said was identified by a bank card found among his remains, detonated a nail bomb on Monday night killing 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert, with many of his victims being youngsters.
This young man “Devil incanet/Lucifer” is thought to have been a “mule” using a device built separately by different secret groups the BBC reports.
According to news report, police source told the Manchester Evening News: “They don’t waste bomb makers. The reason we have gone to critical is because he is still out there and the fear is that he will strike again before they get caught.”
Police chiefs have said they are investigating the possibility of “a network” linked to the bomber, admitting there are gaps in their knowledge.
Abedi Insist he  wasn't connected with the Recent Manchester Bomblast
Image: Telegraph
 Salman Abedi’s father has reportedly been arrested in Libya in connection with the bombing incidence. Ramadan Abedi was being  interrogated by a TV group in  Tripoli ,  the country’s capital when he was taken by unknown gunmen, anonymous youths/eyewitnesses  disclosed to ITV News.  Ramadan Abedi insisted that his son cannot be responsible for such cruelty.  
More so, fresh reports also disclosed that his son and Salman’s brother, Hashem Abedi, was also arrested in Libya by local security forces, according to The independent 
Source:The independent