Benefits of incoperating pictures in your tutorials

Benefits of incoperating pictures in your tutorials

Creating perfectly mastered/ written  tutorials to end users is one of the best way to keep your visitors and readers happy and glued  to your blog or site.Similarly adding  videos perform the same function .
How Tos articles are very useful because it enables you to  easily find your way around the web.Incoperating clear pictures in your tutorials can help in a better way. Here are some of the reasons why adding pictures to your post or tutorials are beneficial:

1.It creates room for easy understanding. Readers and visitors can easily decify what the Writer is talking or writing about.

2. It adds colour to the  writing/tutorial and beautify the result.

3. Pictures in tutorials can solve the problem of contacting the writer or Authur  for more explanation.

4. Well designed and colourful pictures within articles show high level of professionalism

5. Pictures balances the gap between the experience and the novice. As a novice, you might find it difficult to follow elaborate instructions on how to download a new software or create as new folder. However, with well integrated pictures or photos, it will be easier to understand the entire process of downloading and creating.