Finally I Switched To Emporio Theme

Ever since Blogger released four responsive new themes, I’ve been reluctant to use any of them for While others were so quick to switch, I decided to take my time to get familiar with the new themes.

And finally, I decided to switch from my one-time Awesome template to Emporio. Out of the four new themes, I chose Emporio because of its beautiful grid layout. Although, Soho is also a grid theme the design is best for art related niche; what I feel though. The theme is responsive along with the other three but Emporio is just best fitting for my niche.

Well, it may take more time for many bloggers to switch to any of these four new responsive themes – first of its kind from blogger.  While working on the Emporio theme, I had to make some little alterations and modifications to suit my own taste.

Finally I Switched To Emporio Theme

In the future, I shall be sharing some tips on how to edit the Emporio theme to your style. One of the fantastic thing of these new themes is that you only need to add ad codes, widgets or scripts in one location to appear both in mobile view and web view. For instance, if you add Adsense code above the <data:post.body/>, the ad will appear below the post title on web and mobile.

Do you love the theme?